Smashburger Menu Prices (Updated for 2017)

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Smashburger menu prices, like Smashburger themselves, are original and customer-friendly. On the Smashburger secret menu page we discussed how there are a few unique hacks, including one that lets you get a clean, unseasoned patty for jut $2. But the menu itself is just as surprising and just as cheap.

For instance, all of their burgers can be bought in two sizes. The smaller of these are available for a respectable price. But if you want to super-size, then you pay only a fraction more. Not only is that the same across the board, but all of their burgers are the same price.

So, whether you want your burger loaded with all kinds of sauces and extras, or you prefer something simple, the price you pay is low and standard. You can also choose to create your own burger for even less, although in this case you will pay more once you start throwing loads of extra fillings in there.

Below we will discuss the Smashburger menu in a little more detail. But first, you can take a look at our full list of Smashburger menu prices. These are updated often and we do all we can to ensure they provide an accurate representation of what you can find on the official Smashburger menu.

Smashburger Menu Prices

Smashburger Deals

Smashburger Menu Prices

This is a new burger chain with an ambitious, quirky owner and a business policy to match. They are never shy to offer promotions, to run a few deals and to do things that help it to standout from the crowd. They really do seem to care about their repeat customers, and this is both rare and refreshing.

This is evidenced by their Smashclub, which is basically a loyalty club for burger lovers. It’s quick and easy to signup. And once you do, you will be entitled to a range of benefits and offers. Smashburger are also happy to take part in National Cheeseburger Day deals and other Food Holiday deals.

They are also very active on social media, which is the best place to find the latest Smashburger coupons and deals. So, if you can’t resist a good bargain, checkout the linked pages above, checkout their social media pages and get yourself a membership to the Smashclub.

Smashburger Franchises

Some customers are so taken by Smashburger and their way of doing things that they ask about franchising before they finish their first burger or their first plate of Smashfries. If you’re looking to franchise a burger operation, then this could be ideal. Not only is it new, but it’s growing at a great rate, it’s adored by customers worldwide and it’s a better prospect than many others.

There are new locations popping up every month. And if you want to add your name to that list, then there’s nothing stopping you. Unless you’re broke of course. In which case you’re better off just staying as a customer. Because while Smashburger is a promising franchise operation, it’s not a cheap one. It’ll cos you a good 2x to 4x more than a franchise with Jimmy John’s or Dunkin’ Donuts.

You need all of the following before you will even be considered for a Smashburger franchise:

  • $1.5 million in net worth (this can come in the form of buildings and businesses owned)
  • $500k in liquid assets
  • Local knowledge
  • Ability to obtain a liquor license

Of course, if you don’t have that money by yourself, then you can always get a business partner involved. Some of the best chains in the world have been started by groups, including Hooters, which was started by half a dozen friends, and Jersey Mike’s Subs, which was founded after friends and family got together and pooled their savings and their time.