10 Most Expensive Chocolates

10. Vosges Haut Chocolate

vosges chocolate, expensive

This milk chocolate and coconut cocci mix has bits of Indian curry mixed in and costs approximately $69 for a pound.


9. Richard Donnelly

rochard donnelly, luxurious chocolate

This chocolate is handcrafted for the most upscale bars in the United States and costs approximately $75 for a pound. Richard started creating these delectable treats in 1988.


8. Chuao

chuao chocolate, luxurious

For a pound, it’s roughly $79 and comes from Venezuela by using fresh ingredients. The name is derived from the Chuao region.  On their website, they also offer wine pairings for their delicious chocolate bits as well as different types of flavored chocolates.


7. Debauve & Gallais

debauve, gallais, luxury chocolate

For a pound, it’s a whopping $94. The creators state that they do not use dyes or any other types of additives as well as keeping it low in sugar and cocoa quality.


6.  Pierre Marcolini

pierre marcolini, luxury chocolate

The name is as luxurious as the price. For a pound of this fine chocolate prepared with the freshest cocoa beans, it will cost you a hefty $102.50.


5. Richart

vosges chocolate, expensive0


The “art” part of the name will remind you of the price. This artistic chocolate will run you $120 for a pound and contains 70% of cocoa from Venezuela.  This company is known to use some of the best cocoa in the entire world. Maybe I should invest in vacationing to Venezuela.


4. Godiva “G” Collection

vosges chocolate, expensive2

While this is a new sub-brand of Godiva, it will cost you $120 for a pound as well.  There are many types of chocolates within this package and some contain the highest cocoa bean quality while others have lower content depending on what you choose.


3. Delafee

vosges chocolate, expensive4

This huge price jump will make you think Godiva is pocket change. For a box of these Delafee chocolates, you will have to pay a whopping $508 for a pound. While it’s made from high quality cocoa beans, it is also sprinkled with flakes of 24 karat gold. Because nothing says fancy like pooping out shards of money.


2. Noka Vintages Collection


vosges chocolate, expensive6

For a whopping $854, you can get a pound of the darkest and highest quality chocolate from Ecuador, Trinidad and Venezuela. This company prides themselves on not using vanilla or lecithin in their chocolate.

1. Chocopologie by Knipschildt

vosges chocolate, expensive8

This last one is enough to give you a heart attack. Not from the candy, but from the price. For a pound of this chocolate that was created in 1999, you’ll have to dish out $2,600. That’s how much I need to pay off on my tuition to get my diploma. But if college fails, at least I can use that money to buy fancy chocolate and cry with an expensive bloated tummy.

If you want a truffle set from the company, it’s $250 per truffle and must be specially ordered.

Date Modified - 09/04/2018