10 Pinterest Food Fails

10. Summery Watermelon Cake


This cake was inspired by Pinterest and a delicious summery treat. But what they got after making it was a cake that looks like it melted under the summer sun. We have a feeling someone was too eager to eat the cake and wait for it to cool down.

9. Sinful Cinnarolls

cinnmon rolls, pinterest fails, runny rolls

These planned-to-be delicious Paleo cinnamon rolls didn’t go as planned for a couple of Pinners. The final product looks like cookies that weren’t spaced out far enough or a cake pan of dried mud.

8. Rainbow Cake Roll

rainbow brute cake, rainbow cake, sponge cake, cake fail

Someone got too ambition with their rainbow roll and made rainbow sludge. While it still looks pretty, we have a feeling that someone got a little too tired to continue doing rows of colors and just put colors every where. Tip: Using vanilla sponge cake will do the job better as the colors won’t rinse easily and the color will stick well!

7. Stained Glass Failure

stained glass cookies, pinterest fail, scary cookies

These stained glass cookies would have been beautiful had they come out right. But there’s a first time for everything! Next time you fail this hard, just tell them you’re trying to bring back the Halloween spirit with scary looking cookies.

6. Apple Turkeys

apple turkey, turkey treat fail, thanksgiving treats

These apple turkeys would be adorable for a children’s class. But instead, these came out looking like grandma with a toothpick in her mouth. One looks more appetizing than the other, but at least both are edible!

5. Death by Chocolate Cake


This one has to be a joke. It’s melting because it’s literally still on the hot oven! I’m also super convinced this one was made from pancakes and chocolate frosting. But the broke college kid in me would still eat this in a heartbeat.

4. Satanic Rubber Ducky Cupcakes


These are frightening but the effort is A+, they just look a little runny., but that’s expected with normal frosting. A quick fix of using fondant will cure this frightening finger food! Just don’t feed these to little children and we’ll be okay.

3. Cookie Monster Cupcakes


This is just infuriating at this point. Although, I would still happily indulge in the diabetes. These cupcakes were a slight miss with the temperature still probably scorching hot as the frosting was applied. But warm cookies sound amazing.

2. Minion Cake


Unfortunately this one didn’t come out as vibrant, but at least you can tell what it is! And yep, I would still eat this.

 1. Pumpkin fail


These ones are scarier than a haunted house itself.

Date Modified - 10/30/2018