10 of the World’s Spiciest Dishes

10. Neua Pad Prik


This Asian dish originates in Thailand and Indonesia and is on of the hottest in the world. There are slices of beef as well as seasons, shallots, garlic and of course birds-eye chili peppers, which is the ingredient that the dish revolves around.

9. Lo Bok with Sichuan Peppercorns

lo bok, sichuan peppercorns

This next dish comes from China and also uses Bird’s Eye Chili but that’s not the only thing it uses! This dish is called Lo Bok with Sichuan Peppercorns. The Sichuan Peppercorn is what puts the fiery taste over the top. Think you’re brave enough to try it?

8. Suicide Chicken Wings

suicide chicken wings, spicy wings, hottest wings

The name says it all. We all love chicken wings and we may love hot wings. But this puts those to shame. This type of chicken is absolutely drenched in Tabasco sauce, hot pepper flakes and chilies. My mouth hurts just thinking about it.

7. Wot

doro wot, ethiopian, spicy dish

A popular meme on the Internet, “wot” is exactly how it sounds in this real-life dish. “WHAT?!” Originating in Ethiopia, this dish is known as one of THE hottest in the world. It features pounds of onions and garlic as well as super hot berbere that’s a combination of dried spices and chilies.

6. Otak Otak

otak otak, spicy dish, vegetables, leaves

This Indonesian dish is popular not only amongst Indonesians, but Malaysians and Singaporeans. It features spicy fish cake and grilled banana leaf. Not only is it filled with dried chilies, but it has minced fish, galangal, ginger remnants, pepper and much more.

5. Griot with Sauce Ti-Malice


This pork dish comes from Haiti. Griot is one of the hottest and spiciest dishes in the world and is drenched with Haitian hot sauce. But it doesn’t stop there: it also features habanero chili peppers, spicy pickled peppers and more. Ouch. Remember: drink milk, not water.

4. Pad Prik Khing


This dish hails from Thailand and is made with veggies and pork. Sounds delicious, right? But it uses dried red chilies, chili ginger, onions, garlic and much more. You can also substitute with seafood.

3. Cau Cau


Pronounced like a crow’s caw, not only do crows symbolize this death, but this dish is so hot you feel like you’re dying. This one comes from Peru and is the spiciest tripe potato stew in the world. Used in this dish is ceviche and causa rellana.

2. Huo Guo


From China, this one is served to you piping hot in temperature and texture/ingredients. There are many ingredients in this dish including vegetables, beef, fish and Sichuan pepper oil.

1. Sik Sik Wat


This is another Ethiopian dish on our list and it’s made with fenugreek, chicken, beef, chili pepper and paprika. The spice used in this dish is said to be similar to red pepper paste and is noted to be one of the hottest dishes in the world.


Date Modified - 09/18/2018