5 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes in The World

5. Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Wedding Cake


This beautiful couples wedding cake was bejeweled and designed by Edda’s Cake Designs. It came with seven layers of white rum deliciousness with sugar crystals, fondant and luxurious white décor. Their wedding cost a whopping $10 million and their cake alone took up $11,000 of that. Hey Michael, I could use a new car…


4. Liza Minnelli and David Gest


Next on our list is Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s cake. This white cake with red floral accents cost a grand $40,000. The sugar roses dazzled all the way up it’s amazing 12 tiers. There were also accents of purple roses along with the red, to match and compliment her red wedding dress.


3. Princess Diana and Prince Charles


More floral, of course! The beautiful and late Princess Diana had a wedding cake that was as royal as she was. In 1981, this cake was worth $40,000 but recreated now with the price of the dollar, it would cost $100,000 to create again. This cake was 5 feet tall and included 27 wedding cakes to compliment. With octagons on each tier and royal emblems on each side, this cake was simple but delicious!


2. Donald Trump and Melanie Knauss


Of course Donald had to get on an expensive list! His wedding cake was a whopping 200 pounds, five feet high and 32 inches across at it’s largest. It had 3000 beautiful white icing roses and the cake was filled with Grand Marnier buttercream. A certain chef named Cedric Barbaret was the mastermind behind this cake and it took him two months to complete these. Each guest to their wedding received an individual cake and chocolate truffles.


1. Prince William and Kate Middleton


Royalty makes this list twice! Except the new generation, Princess Diana’s son, Prince William, followed in his mother’s footsteps with luxurious and beautiful weddings. Created by Fiona Carns, this cake had 17 different kinds of flowers that were quite symbolic to the couple. This included Scottish Thistle, English Rose, Irish Shamrock and more. The couple had their initials on the center of one of the tiers and of course a flower to symbolize humility. This flower is the sugar lily and it was quite fitting since their cake was so sweet! This cake had 900 sugar paste flowers and cost a whopping $80,000.

Date Modified - 02/25/2019