5 Odd Restaurant Controversies

5. The Heart Attack Grill (literally)

heart attack grill, odd controversy, restaurant death

We recently wrote about ridiculous themed restaurants including this next one. The “Heart Attack Grill” is the scene of where a man actually had a heart attack and died at the restaurant. Apparently the man often ate there and would promote the restaurant by standing outside. The owner would often warn John Alleman of eating it too much but that didn’t stop him, unfortunately. The Heart Attack Grill is the home of the “Quadruple Bypass Burger” but this isn’t the first incident of people dying or passing out from eating their food. This was the fourth health related incident at the restaurant. So what do you say? Will you take your chance at this Las Vegas restaurant?


4. Kuma’s Corner

ghost bc, metal themed restaurant, communion wafer,

If you’re super religious and offended easily, then this next controversy may leave you angered. At the Kuma’s Corner restaurant in Chicago, you can actually order a burger that has a communion wafer on top of it. Named after international metal band Ghost B.C, this burger is 10 ounces of meat with ghost chili, ceese, red wine, and of course, the communion wafer. We heard their bloody meat is a hit with this burger!


3. Taco Cid Shirts

taco cid, south of the border, illegal immigrant shirts

If you’ve ever had the chance to road trip along the east coast and through the Carolina’s, you’re very much aware of “South of the Border” alongside the highways. But did you know they were the center of a big and somewhat racist scandal? At Taco Cid, the employees had to sport a shirt that said “How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant” and the shirt had a box trap with two tacos as human bait. When the Internet community got word of the shirts, there was an outrage that sparked death threats. That didn’t scare Lanne Snelgrove, owner of Taco Cid, as she said she will still sell the shirts regardless.


2. Sofa King Inappropriate

sofa king burger, inappropriate restaurants, food controversies,

If you don’t like your child swearing, make sure to tell them a different restaurant name. Many people didn’t want to come to this restaurant because it’s “laced with profanity”. The name of the restaurant? Sofa King Juicy Burger. This restaurant has healthy and even juicier food. The owner, Greg Beairsto, named it after a Saturday Night Live skit and wanted the vibe to be fun and playful. We would totally eat here. What about you?


1. You have no choice but to tip!

keoni, 15% gratuity, foreign tip mandatory,

If you’re going to Hawaii and don’t speak English…wait, you wouldn’t be able to read this! In Hawaii at Keoni by Keo’s, you automatically have to tip no matter what type of service you have. The owner apparently adds a 15% gratuity to your bill automatically if you don’t speak English or good enough English. We aren’t sure if this is extremely cruel or extremely business saavy as Hawaii is filled with foreign tourists. What’re your thoughts?

Date Modified - 11/07/2018