5. Slider Stuffing


We’ve all heard of White Castle in one way or another, whether it was from Harold and Kumar’s or you live by one. But apparently there is a Thanksgiving stuffing made from 18 White Castle slider hamburgers, with pickles included. Then you stuff it into your Turkey. If you’re a broke college student, this may be the best option for you and your dorm mates. You can find the recipe for this inexpensive stuffing here.


4. Turkey With Anchovies


This isn’t my exact idea of a delicious Thanksgiving, but in this dish makes it so that you put 2 ounces of anchovies or delicious bacon on top of the turkey for cooking. This adds a different kind of flavor to your turkey. If you’re serving to a multitude of people, ask if they have an allergy to fish and if so, put bacon on top. Everyone loves bacon! If you’re curious about this concoction, the recipe can be viewed here.


3. Alcoholic Dream Turkey


This calls for a syringe and some 100 proof vodka; fruity, to be exact. You want to inject the turkey with the alcohol before cooking. You should only inject 8 ounces and then put more in the gravy. The alcohol in the Turkey will mostly cook out, s o you won’t be getting hammered of this dish, but the gravy and the martini that’s served with, might put you over the edge. Make sure you have a sober ride home! This was made famous by a tavern in Manhattan owned by a Paul Hurley. Get your friends a bit tipsy with the recipe here.


2. Ham and Banana Casserole


This may be your favorite random holiday dish. If you have crackers, milk, cheese, ham and banana, then Paula Deen’s website has a recipe to your liking. You want to put crackers and sprinkled cheese as the bottom half, then in between you want to take the ham and banana and put the chunks in. Finally, you take crackers and cheese and sprinkle it on top again for a simple, casserole sandwich that can be made at any size. Weird and doesn’t sound to festive but ham is always a great holiday food. Take a peep at the official recipe, which can be found here.

 1. Pecan-Apple-Pumpkin Pie


This one requires you rolling up some pie dough and sectioning off 3 areas in the pan. Then you want to fill one with pecan, one with apple and one with pumpkin pie. Never leave your guests unsatisfied when making a plethora of options available to them! You’ll be everyone’s favorite during the holidays. Even create faces on the pie by using edible pieces for eyes and a mouth in each section. These are also great for kids during the holidays. Check out the Food Network recipe, now.

Date Modified - 12/07/2018