5 Secret Menu Items Every Starbucks Lover Has Tried

All over the world, coffee is rapidly gaining recognition as the revitalizing drink of the day. From its tantalizing aroma to the richness of the coffee beans, it’s going to be a while before coffee meets a worthy opponent to knock it off its caffeine throne.

The love for coffee gave way to chains like Starbucks, mention coffee and Starbucks is usually part of the sentence. The two just seem to naturally go together no matter which part of the world you are in. The same in true in good old America, where grabbing a Starbucks coffee is usually a part of every American’s daily routine, for most their days don’t start until they’ve gotten their Starbucks fix.

With literally hundreds of combinations to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to get bored with the same old coffee flavors. Starbucks’ ability to continuously surprise us with new flavors is a welcome switch up from the basic cup of joe, however if that’s your thing they serve up plenty of that too. Of course each Starbucks store may not offer all these scrumptious concoctions but it’s always worth a shot to ask.

Let’s take a few moments to drool over some of the less heard of and unique flavors offered and if by at least the middle you don’t find yourself itching to rush out to try a cup, then something is seriously “off” with you!

Strawberry Lemonade

What can be more refreshing than this cool concoction on a hot sunny day? Blended up strawberry lemonade it sure to brighten your day. A popular deviant from the regular choice of coffee, Starbucks is well aware that some people might simply want a change, this offering caters to a different taste bud. It’s a blended strawberry lemonade mix that Starbucksaholics are in love with everywhere, so much so that they used this flavor combo with their new Refreshers line.


Dirty Chai

No naughty thoughts here please! This one is a popular secret of the Starbucks menu, making it worth trying. It’s not just a Chai Latte; it is a combination that packs a punch with an extra shot of espresso to give you that quick “pick me up” effect. This is especially effective and delicious to indulge in when you are about to nod off in the middle of the day. It’s served in both hot and cold form so you can enjoy this one year round.

Chocolate Dalmatian

(photo via: kirbie’s cravings)

For all you chocolate fans out there, this one is an irresistible concoction. You get all the great chocolaty ingredients in one cup; white chocolate mocha, java chips, and chocolate chips. Now who can deny this is heaven in a little cup?! You can order this in hot, cold, or Frappuccino form. The whipped cream spotted with chcolate chips is where the name comes from.

Liquid Cocaine

Again, no naughty thoughts being conjured in your mind, please! This is the much safer version than the white powder, though no less addictive in its creamy goodness.  Looking for a “safer buzz”? Then this is your go to. Loaded with anything from 3 – 5 shots of espresso and an equal amount of pumps of white chocolate syrup served over ice, this creation has that strong authentic coffee taste. Staying awake will no longer be a problem with a cup of this lethal combination.

Green Eye

This one is another whopper that will get you sprinting up and off, eager to meet the challenges of the day. This drink packs a punch with a combo of regular drip coffee and three shots of espresso. It works better than alarm clock or a swift kick in the butt, and will keep you wired and alert all day. Again you can order it hot or cold, for whatever mood you’re in.

Date Modified - 09/19/2018