5 Spooky Halloween Treats You Can Make At Home

1. Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels

Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels

This delicious and spooky treat features one side of the Oreos for each eye, and Hershey kisses for eyeballs, with black licorice as the eyebrows, a black Jelly Belly, black sprinkles and last but not least, a white chocolate covered pretzel. The photo speaks for itself!


2. Pumpkin Shaped Cookies


This treat requires a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter as well as some orange, brown and green icing for coloring after you bake! Get your favorite cookie dough and take the cookie cutter and start making those pumpkin shapes! Plop them in the oven, take ‘em out and let them cool. Finally, decorate! Make those spooky cookies come to live.


3. Marshmallow Frankenstein Pops

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Buy a pack of your favorite colored strip straws (paper, disposable) and stick a square marshmallow on. Then put some green icing on for the face then some brown on top and put some mini Hershey Kisses (or gumdrops) for the eyes. Next, put some into the sides to create the bolt look. Congrats, you’ve made an adorable Frankenstein marshmallow pop. You can also do this to make pumpkins, skulls and more using fondant and candy coating tricks.


4. Monster Sandwich Cookies


Take two of your favorite cookies, followed by green or orange frosting and put it in between the cookies. When you’ve placed one of the cookies on top to create the sandwich, you then want to take circular marshmallows and stick different colored M&M’s in the center for the eyes. Place them on top of the cookie and there you go; creepy cute cookies.


5. Bloodshot Eyeball Peanut Butter Bites


This will require melting vanilla candy coating over the top of peanut butter balls. When this has dried after you’ve created your peanut butter balls, you then want to wait for it to cool off / dry. When you’ve done this, use a pastry paintbrush and red food coloring to create bloodshot lines from the outer corners of the eyes. Paint a small black dot in the center for the eye and you’re done! Oogly boogly eyeballs for your trick-or-treaters.


If handing these out in good bags, please write down the ingredients as children may have an allergic reaction without knowing.

Date Modified - 10/02/2018