5 Things You Didn’t Know About In-N-Out

Thought there wasn't much to know about a fast food joint? Think again!

By Shannah

1. The first fast-food drive-thru

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Thought Burger King was California’s first drive-thru fast food joint? Wrong! That was In-N-Out. Opened in 1948, California saw their first two-way speaker system for you to shout into.


2. There’s actually a REALLY super In-n-Out secret menu that they offer.

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Yep, it’s true. Some of these things include:


  • Root Beer Float
  • Bun Donuts
  • The option for pepperoncini’s for your burger
  • Yellow chilies
  • and much more!


3. In-N-Out incorporates religion into their food


In-N-Out secretly puts religious verses on cups and wrappers – but that didn’t start until the 80’s. The president of the company, Rich Snyder was a born again Christian and even commissioned Christmas jingles for some of their commercials.


4. Burger School?

in-n-out university, burger school, california

You guessed it! There is an In-N-Out University. But this isn’t open to everyone. In order to qualify for this prestigious school, you have to be a manager-in-training. Opened in 1984, they teach you how to do things quick so you can cater to more people, faster!


5. Uggs and tracksuits galore!

in-n-out, track suits, uggs, beanies, fast food clothing

This sounds weird, but you can buy your very own In-N-Out Uggs and tracksuits. They also offer beanies, shirts and pajamas. If you love fast food that much, this is your best option for comfy clothes.

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