6 Most Bizarre Candies Ever

6. Brain Mints

brain flavor, weird candy, gross flavored candy, brain mints

No, these aren’t made out of brains, but the selling line isn’t exactly the tastiest. The manufacturer of these fine mints state, “guaranteed to make your mouth autopsy fresh!” We’re not so sure if we want to know what a brain tastes like.


5. Cat Hairball Gum

cat hairball, hairball gum, bizarre candy,

Normally people chew gum to have a fresh taste in their mouth, especially at the club when they want their breath to smell and taste great. But this cat hairball gum is cat lady approved and we’re sure that no one will like the kissing from the chewer of these.


4. Curry Mints

kali, goddess, kali mints, curry mints,

This might be a cultural thing, but if you want your breath to smell and taste like curry, there’s a mint for you! Fruity fresh isn’t a flavor in this batch. Kali mints are inspired by the Goddess of death, destruction and change. Outrage poured out and petitions appeared on the web to stop the manufacturing of this item, as Kali is a goddess to be praised and respected, but used for marketing ploys. We think the Goddess and her backstory are better than the ideas of these mints.


3. Meatball Gum

meatball gum, bubble gum, odd candy

Thankfully this only looks like meatballs, but doesn’t taste as such. They taste like normal bubble gum but these odd textured brown balls don’t look too appetizing!  The meatballs in this package represent “Indian” meatballs, not Italian, so if you prefer one over the other, make sure you check the box!


2. Corndog Mints

corndog, mint, gross candy

We bet you thought that they were shaped like corn dogs but tasted like bubble gum, right? WRONG! These are actually shaped like normal mints but taste like corn dogs. We’re not so sure why you wouldn’t just eat a corn dog, as it’s the real thing, but we’re sure that we probably wouldn’t touch these mints.


1. Foie Gras Gum

brain flavor, weird candy, gross flavored candy, brain mints0

You may think that is a fancy French bubble gum of eternal youth, but you are in fact wrong. Foie Gras is a delicacy dish which  is actually goose liver.  Because who wouldn’t want their breath to taste like goose liver on a first date? Or ever, for that matter.

Date Modified - 09/09/2018