6 Last Meals of Famous Death Row Inmates 

This may be morbid but it sure is oddly fascinating….

By Shannah

1. Timothy McVeigh


When I was younger, I remember right before 8 A.M, Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma City Bomber) was about to be executed when I had to run off for school. Little did I know, at that moment I was staring at the screen and then running off to my bus, he was diving into his final meal of 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

2. Lawrence Russell Brewer

lawrence russell brewer, final meal

You may or may not have heard of Lawrence Russell Brewer, but boy did he make a dark impact.

He had a long demanding list of what he wanted to eat such as: triple-bacon cheeseburger, chicken fried steaks with onions and even gravy, cheese omelette, tomatoes, meat lovers pizza, bell and jalapeno peppers, okra, bbq meat, bread, fajitas, root beer, ice cream and even fudge. Surprisingly, they did grant permission for him to have this feast and dine like a king, but he refused to eat ANY of it. Why? Probably spite, but thanks to him, Texas ended the tradition of the final meal requests for convicted murderers. Not that they deserve anything though, right? He kind of reminds us of a pregnant woman who craves everything, though.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer

jeffrey dahmer, last meal, serial killer

While Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t have a set date for execution, he did have a final meal before fellow prisoner, Christopher Scarver, beat him to death. His final meal was a simple hard-boiled egg, toast, cereal and coffee.

4. Aileen Wuornos

aileen wuornos, charlize theron, last meals

We all know Charlize Theron made an amazing Aileen Wuornos in the hit movie, Monster, but did you know the real serial killer declined a special meal? Of course, she had a hamburger and snacks anyway along with a coffee. After all, it’s hard to be stubborn when you’re about to die.

5. John Wayne Gacy

john wayne gacy, final meal, convicted murderer

John Wayne Gacy is an infamous serial murderer that was excuted in 1994 by lethal injection. He asked for deep fried shrimp, an original bucket of KFC, french fries and a pound of strawberries.

6. Thomas J. Grasso

thomas j grasso, spaghettiOs, spaghetti, final meal

Thomas J. Grasso, executed in 1995, asked for more than I can stand to look at. With eyes bigger than his stomach, he asked for: 24 steamed mussels, 24 steamed clams, a double cheeseburger from Burger King, 6 bbq spare ribs, two strawberry milkshakes, a half of a pumpkin pie, a pound of spaghetti and meatballs at room temperature. There was controversy about whether or not he ordered spaghetti or SpaghettiO’s; because that matters, right?

7. Ted Bundy

ted bundy, final meal, last meal, convicted murderer

This infamous man of course declined a meal, but was then served the traditional final meal and ate it. This consisted of medium rare steak, over easy eggs, hash browns, toast with pb&j, milk and juice. This seems pretty healthy and blasé for your final meal.

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