7 Desserts Gone Horrifically Wrong

Dessert Fails

1. The Not-So-Running Man

food fail, the running man, cake batter, cookie, baking

Usually people use saunas to help them sweat out the junk and to jumpstart weight loss, but not this guy! It’s not about the outside; it’s what’s on the inside that counts. After all, he still is only made of sugar, right?!


2. Paper cake?

food fail, baking fail, DIY baking

We aren’t really sure why someone thought to bake paper into the cakes…or cupcakes…or whatever they are, but we’re assuming at that rate, they didn’t follow any other instructions either. But thanks to a knife and frosting, it looks like there’s some potential for saving here.


3. Spongebob Screwed-pants

spongebob cake, pinterest fail, food fail, melting cake

The fact that it made it out of the even in enough of a piece to frost, means that it’s a success in today’s world of baking. Although, cooling racks exist for a reason!


4. Nailed it…?

nailed it, food fail, fun food, finger food, pinterest fail

We’re not sure if “nailed” is the appropriate term for this failed treat. If they are decorated for Halloween, I could see its purpose, but I’m generally not a fan of fingers; unless they’re chicken of course.


5. Fon-don’t.

fondant, despicable me, minion cake, cake fail

Although I’d still eat this in a heartbeat, I think the baker should familiarize themselves with the beautiful art of fondant. Icing can be a bit too messy for those with a shaky hand.


6. This isn’t even my final form!

food fail, the running man, cake batter, cookie, baking0

At least we can’t tell that this one was supposed to be Spiderman. If it slightly resembled him in an embarrassing way, you probably couldn’t play this off as something else. Either way, it’s cake with frosting and it’s something I want in my stomach, now.


7. Asinine Anime

food fail, the running man, cake batter, cookie, baking2

You could easily hide the fact you aren’t the world’s greatest cake decorator by taking a color and frosting over it all. It’s like an edible eraser! I’m totally trademarking that term and creating an “As Seen On TV” baking product that assists those who can’t frost cakes.

Date Modified - 11/22/2018