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Take a step back in time with WingStop, a fast casual dining chain that has over 650 locations and is growing at a rate of knots. This themed restaurant takes you backwards and upwards, escorting you back to the vintage aesthetic of the 1930s, and throwing in an aviation theme for good measure.

Year Founded: 1994
Style: Chicken Wings
Locations: Approximately 900

About WingStop

This chain was founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas. It began as a small restaurant selling buffalo chicken wings, but grew very quickly from there. Within a few short years they were opening franchises, and before long they had over 500 locations around the world, a number that continued to grow and is still expanding at a great rate today.

These days WingStop is owned by Roark Capital Group, one of the biggest food companies in the world. They have a turnover that can make your mouth water as much as a plate of WingStop chicken wings, and their portfolio includes (or has included) some of the biggest food chains in the world:

WingStop Menu

WingStop Menu

Your wings can be spicy, they can be herby. They can be what you want them to be.

At WingStop you can enjoy some traditional American fare in a vintage setting. The goal was to create a restaurant that took customers back in time to the 1930s, and the end result was like a fancy First-Class Lounge from a bygone era.

The WingStop menu is all about chicken wings. You can get these in a host of different flavors, some of which are available for a limited time only, some of which can only be found in certain locations. These flavors include Atomic, which will certainly get your juices flowing but may also strip the skin from your tongue; Cajun, which is probably as close as you will get to the KFC menu; and many more.

You can order these flavors on Classic Wings, Boneless Wings or Chicken Tenders. There is also a selection of sides, including fries, beans and coleslaw. And that’s pretty much it. This is a basic menu. It’s a small menu. But it gets the job done.

WingStop Secret Menu Hack

WingStop Secret Menu

The WingStop Family Pack includes wings, fries and more.

There are so many flavors to explore on the WingStop menu, but there are even more on the WingStop secret menu. Like the Outback Steakhouse secret menu, the WingStop secret menu isn’t immediately clear, nor is is very big. But it’s there, and it’s worth a look if you want to expand your options a little more

The menu hacks revolve around their chicken wings as well as their sides. Their are some new flavors you can explore to spice up WingStop fries; some extra heat you can add to your wings; and some simple tricks that will get you a little more food and a little more variety all round.

WingStop Menu Prices

WingStop Full Menu

There are many different flavors of wings to choose from on the WingStop menu.

WingStop menu prices aren’t much different from other fast food chicken restaurants. You will pay a little more than you would on the Popeyes Menu and the Raising Cane’s menu, but it’s roughly in line with, if not cheaper than the Hooters menu and the Buffalo Wild Wings menu.

If you want to feed the family on a wide selection of chicken wing flavors and other indulgent foods, then you can do so for less than $30. This would get you their smallest Family Pack selection, which contains 30 pieces of chicken, including your choice of 3 flavors, a large side, 3 dips and some Veggie Sticks. If your family has a big appetite or you have a few to feed, you can upgrade to their biggest Family Pack for $100. This will get you 100 pieces, a choice of 6 flavors and a selection of sides.

WingStop have limited edition Value Menus to look out for (including a “Sixty Cent Boneless Wings menu”, which is still available in many locations and let’s you order wings for $0.60 each). And in all cases, the more you buy, the less you pay for each wing.

To see a complete list of these prices, just visit our WingStop Menu Prices page.

WingStop Nutrition and Calories

WingStop Calories

Choose from all kinds of sticky, fatty wings and calorie-loaded sides.

The limited WingStop menu means there aren’t a great deal of healthy options available. You can always order smaller portions of chicken and maybe substitute some fries for beans on the side, but that’s about it. There are also few options for vegetarians and vegans. In fact, as far as the main menu goes, there are none.

And don’t think that by ordering a few sides instead you’ll be okay. Many fast food restaurants are known are cook their fries in the same oil as their meat, which rules this menu item out for vegetarians and vegans. It also creates contamination issues for people with allergies. Also, while you might think you’re doing your diet a favor by ordering the coleslaw or the beans, remember that the former comes with a lot of fat and is just as calorific as the chicken, while the latter is often loaded with salt.

So, make sure you pay attention to what you’re ordering and make sure you know exactly what each item contains. You can find complete calorie info on our WingStop Nutrition Info guide.

WingStop Locations

WingStop Locations

The WingStop logo is known all over the world.

There are over 900 WingStop locations around the world, many of which are in the United States. This proved to be a popular franchise operation from the outset, and the rate of growth has not showed any signs of slowing down. In the United States you can find locations in more than 40 states, from Alabama and Arizona, and from Virginia to Wisconsin.

But this is an international brand and one that is also in all of the following countries:

  • Indonesia (close to a dozen locations in Jakarta alone)
  • Mexico (there are 8 in Federal District, as well as locations in 4 other states)
  • Philippines
  • Russia (locations include Moscow and Rostov)
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates

WingStop Store Hours

Most WingStop locations open at 11:00am and remain open until Midnight. However, these times vary from location to location and they may also be reduced on Sunday. Be sure to check-in with your local store to determine the exact store hours.