Restaurant Advertising Ideas

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Internet Marketing for Restaurants

Secret Menus can offer you:

  • Over 1 million unique visitors a month and climbing
  • A dedicated readership of food lovers
  • A huge following in the US
  • A growing following in the UK and Canada
  • Several outlets for your ads, including reviews, editorials, social networks and videos.
  • A team of experienced digital marketing experts, skilled artists and globally recognized content creators to help you with your ads.

We can help your brand and we can do it in a way that no one else can. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll get back in touch. To learn more about what we do and what we can offer, read on.

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How to Advertise A Restaurant

Regardless of how long you have spent advertising your online business there are a few things you will have learned: firstly, banner ads don’t work. Secondly, targeted advertising doesn’t come cheap. If you’re a big business, it doesn’t matter much. You can afford to throw money at online ads without really concerning yourself with the outcome, and you can afford to pay for those targeted adverts as well.

But what if you have a small business to run? What if your turnover is equal to the rates the biggest publishers are charging you? We know what it’s like to be in that position because we have been there ourselves. A year after we launched one of our offline businesses we spoke to a financial advisor about setting up some advertising. He quoted some figures, asked us for a budget and then told us, “You have two options:

  1. Banner ads, which won’t work, but are affordable;
  2. or, do nothing.”

We chose a third, option. We chose to fire him and do things ourselves. We decided to create a series of websites that could target customers and send them to our offline businesses. Over the years, these sites became more profitable than the businesses they were designed to promote. And in the process, we learned a few tricks of advertising. We learned how to effectively market a product and a service; how to effectively use banner ads; and how to target content towards specific brands.

This is now how we make our money. And if you have a similar small business to run and similar frustrations to deal with, then we can help you.

Why Secret Menus Advertising is Different

Advertisers who sign on with Secret Menus get much more than a few million impressions from a banner ad stuffed on a page with dozens of others. They get a tailored service created for their business and their needs.

The Secret Menus Advertising Program is able to offer:

  • Professional advice from expert digital marketers;
  • guides and reviews on your business, written by award-winning freelance writers;
  • complete social media exposure across our online network;
  • support and guidance every step of the way;
  • detailed analytics to show you what we delivered and what it means for your brand;
  • a budget that every small business can appreciate.

So, whether you have a product, a service, a brand or a business to promote, we can help. Over the years Secret Menus has offered these promotional packages to businesses in all the following niches:

  • Restaurants: As a site that focuses on restaurants, these is where we specialize. If you have a brick-and-mortar restaurant and want to improve brand exposure, we can help. Your restaurant will be reviewed alongside the biggest chains in the world.
  • Delivery Service: We have reviewed some of the biggest delivery services in the US, including Hello Fresh and Graze. Your service can join them.
  • Food Product: Got a tasty new treat or drink that you want the world to know about? Secret Menus is a site for food and drink lovers, which makes it the perfect platform.
  • Entertainment: Just because you don’t run a restaurant doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your business on Secret Menus. If you think our readers would want to buy what you’re selling, we’d be happy to open a dialogue.