Applebee’s Careers and Jobs (Applications, Hiring, Salary and Pay)

Applebee's Careers

There are many benefits to Applebee’s careers. For one, this is a well known restaurant chain and it’s one that has a role in the lives of families nationwide. However, they don’t pay a lot if you’re a server and life can be very difficult for anyone assigned the task of dealing with customers at Applebee’s.

Applebee’s Careers

It’s not that the customers are difficult, but that Applebee’s careers pay a lot less than other chains and the tips are also less. At Red Lobster, for instance, you can expect an average wage that is twice that of Applebee’s. It’s still less than the federal minimum age, but it’s a sizable amount when you consider that Red Lobster customers often tip well. At Applebee’s, however, the fact that each bill is usually a lot less and that day-time customers tip less than night-time ones means you’re getting much less to start with and at the end of the day.

In this Applebee’s Careers page we will put the pros and the cons in the spotlight and will help you to better understand just what the benefits and the negatives of Applebee’s jobs are. If you’re committed to the chain regardless and you want to apply to work here, then you will find all the info you need to do just that.

Applebee’s Hiring

Applebee's Hiring

Applebee’s are always hiring. There are over 30,000 employee positions to fill, with more being added all of the time. Of course, there are employees in most of these roles, but with a high staff turnover rate and with plenty of additional shifts and jobs to pickup, there is always something available.

Applebee’s Employment Benefits

If you look at the review sites like Glassdoor then Applebee’s scores around 2.5 to 3 out of 5 on average. There are a few reasons for this low mark, many of which we have discussed already. However, you should always take these figures with pinch of salt. Employees are much more likely to leave a review when they feel like they have been wronged and they want to express their anger, than they are if they are content.

And because this is a chain, it means that the bad intentions or attitudes of a single manager or a single franchise owner could negatively effect the entire score, even if the majority of Applebee’s locations are great places to work.

Some of the benefits that we have heard about from those on the Applebee’s careers ladder include:

  • Experience: You won’t be thrust straight into work, even if that work is serving. So, don’t worry if you are new to this as you will learn. They will ask you to shadow an experienced server, allowing you to gain experience. This also works with other roles in Applebee’s.
  • Discount: There is a big employee discount. It varies from employee to employee and location to location, but it ranges from 50% off to free food. No matter how you look at it, that’s a great discount. If you have a big family to feed then you can bring them here and let them feast for less.
  • Vacation Pay: You will be paid to vacation in many Applebee’s locations. Too often entry level jobs will only pay you for the hours you’re actually working, which can make life difficult. But this vacation pay means you can kick-back and relax at least once a year without worrying about the bills.
  • Medical Insurance: A essential aspect of any job and one you will find with most, of not all Applebee’s careers.

How Much Does Applebee’s Pay?

We usually praise the fast food industry when it comes to wages and employee benefits. That’s because they often make a commitment to pay everyone more than minimum wage and they also offer a wealth of additional opportunities. However, that praise rarely extends into the service industry and Applebee’s careers are a perfect example of that.

One of the main issues we have with them is the amount of money that they pay. They earn the federal minimum wage for tipped employees, which is very little per hour and essentially means that they rely on tips. This is the standard for many restaurants, but at Applebee’s, which is far from an expensive, upmarket restaurant, those tips can be very little. Not only that, but it’s not unheard of for big chain restaurants like this to have locations that don’t get a lot of custom.

This means that on a bad day a server at Applebee’s could earn the equivalent of $4 an hour, and that’s only assuming that their tips are enough to double their hourly wage. The upper level staff at Applebee’s don’t earn a great deal more, but there are opportunities for promotions and you can look forward to a salary of $40,000 or so if you make it to the top.

Applebee’s Salary Problems

Applebee's Salary

The low wages that Applebee’s pay to servers has caused them problems for over ten years, with off-and-on again lawsuits that keeps the company in court and makes life difficult for the server. The servers are making a valid point; they spend a lot of their time not serving customers and should therefore be paid the federal minimum wage when they do this.

For Applebee’s, it means they can pay just a couple dollars an hour to a server and then ask that server to clean, cook, prepare and do all kinds of other jobs common in restaurants. They can also guarantee that they won’t pay them anything if they are not busy that day. But while that’s good for the company, it’s bad for the employees, who still need to travel to work, to take the time and to put in the effort, even though they don’t get anything out of it.

The choice is yours really. You have to look at the pros and cons and decide if you think Applebee’s careers are for you. We would personally only recommend them if you know the restaurant you’re working for and know in advance that it is constantly full, from morning to night. That way you can guarantee a steady income from tips.

How Old to Work at Applebee’s?

Many companies will hire teens that are just 16 years old. It’s not unheard of for some chain to hire kids aged just 14. At Applebee’s it’s a different story and you can’t be hired unless you are at least 18 years old. Some franchises won’t hire you unless you are 19. That’s not unique to Applebee’s either as there tends to be a sizable difference between fast food and casual dining, with the latter requiring much more maturity.

Applebee’s Application

The best way to submit an application for Applebee’s careers is to do it directly in person. This way you can show them how enthusiastic you are about the role and how capable you are of filling it. It’s not unheard of for them to fill these jobs on the spot if they find someone who is a good fit, someone who is confident, self-assured, friendly and will clearly be good with customers.

If your skills are in the kitchen or as a manager then this is probably not the best option. For one, it’s hard to prove your skills and your worth as a chef. And if you’re applying for a managerial role then it’s probably the manager of the store you’ll be meeting. That will rarely go down very well.

Applebee’s Online Application

Applebee's Jobs

If you want to submit your application online then visit the Applebee’s website and see what’s available. You just need to inout your zip code and it will point you towards available jobs in locations near you. You can then go ahead and submit an application.

Also, you can use the SnagaJob website to find available Applebee’s careers and to submit your application to them. Either option is fine but we find that it’s always best to go through the official route.

Does Applebee’s Drug Test?

We have asked many employees of Applebee’s about drug testing. All of them have told us that they did not undergo any drug test and had not heard of any drug tests being undertaken either. This does not mean that they don’t exist across the chain though. Some Applebee’s locations may choose to perform drug tests; you may also be asked to undertake one if they suspect a problem.

Applebee’s Fundraising

There are a number of Applebee’s fundraising events. These help the communities they serve and also lending a helping hand to charities that dine here. There is a Flapjack Fundraiser, which can help you to raise funds for your organization; and a Dining to Donate program, where you earn 10% of proceeds if you host a charity dinner or other event at one of the many Applebee’s locations.

It’s worth noting, however, that these Applebee’s fundraising events are not available in all Applebee’s locations. Only a small percentage of them are applicable.

Applebee’s Veterans Day

Applebee's Careers

Some restaurant chains and fast food chains don’t open on Veteran’s Day (we discussed the chains that do open on this day and other holidays on our Restaurants Open on US Holidays page) but for Applebee’s locations it’s the biggest day of the year.

That’s because they offer a free meal to everyone who has served their country. This is a day when veterans are celebrated and honored and Applebee’s have been doing their bit since 2008. Since they started this promotion they have given away close to 10 million meals. At least a million more will be added to that number every year.

So, if you are a veteran then get yourself along to Applebee’s to enjoy one of their free meals. This promotion applies to all Applebee’s locations in the United States. But because this is a US holiday and a US-only promotion, it doesn’t apply to their international locations.