Applebee’s Locations (US, Worldwide, Las Vegas, New York City)

Applebee's Locations

The Applebee’s chain was founded by a man and wife partnership back in 1980 and since then it has steadily grown to one of the biggest in the world. There are thousands of Applebee’s locations worldwide, a large number of which you can find in the United States and Canada. They are no longer owned by a small partnership or family and today these Applebee’s locations are in the hands of a large multinational company and its many franchisees, but the spirit of the brand is still very much there for all to see and experience.

Applebee’s Locations

Applebee's Locations

There are more than 2,000 Applebee’s locations across the United States, with more and more being added all of the time. The majority of these are franchises and there are also locations in other countries, as we shall discover.

Applebee’s is one of the biggest and most recognizable chains in the United States, one that has more or less controlled the family dining and breakfast sectors for several decades and one that will always have a place in the hearts of families nationwide. In this Applebee’s Locations page we’ll look at the biggest and the best stores; we’ll see which countries have Applebee’s locations; which states have Applebee’s locations; and much more.

If it’s the Applebee’s Menu you seek, then take a look at our Applebee’s Menu Prices page. You may also want to peek at our Applebee’s Careers and Applebee’s Nutrition pages, which cover the entire spectrum of this top casual dining location.

Applebee’s Near Me

To find out where the nearest Applebee’s location is, just use the location finder on the main website. This will tell you where the nearest Applebee’s locations are to where you live, covering the whole of North America.

Applebee’s Locations Around the World

You can find Applebee’s locations in countries that US chains always tend to focus on, but you can also find them in countries that they usually leave well alone. In the first bracket you have countries such as Kuwait, UAE and Brazil. They may not seem like the usual suspects, but they are nearly always the first stop for US chains looking to branch out internationally.

They don’t have a presence in the UK, which is often a big location for US chains. But they do have Applebee’s locations in Greece, Lebanon, Indonesia and Egypt, which are rarely a big focus for popular American restaurants.

Applebee’s Locations in the US

Applebee's US Locations

There are over 1,500 Applebee’s locations in the United States and you can find this chain in all 50 states, as well as territories like Puerto Rico. It was first founded in Georgia, where it still has a strong presence. But unlike many other chains that remain focused on their state of birth, Applebee’s have focused most of their efforts into the big cities in California, Texas and Florida.

They hire close to 30,000 employees worldwide, with over 20,000 of these in the United States alone. This, combined with their revenue of $2.5 billion and the vast brand recognition that they have achieved, ensures they continue to pump money into many local economies across the country.

Below we have listed a few key Applebee’s locations, focusing on the ones that you have asked the most questions about and the ones you have been talking the most about, for one reason or another.

Applebee’s Fresno

It’s regions like Fresno that have performed the best for Applebee’s. They may have been born in Georgia, but it’s these Cali cities and towns where they seem to do so well. Something about the laid-back lifestyle and the heat seem to make for a great combination and one that always drives traffic direct to Applebee’s door.

Applebee’s Tampa

There are Applebee’s locations across Tampa, including in South Tampa and in the center of the city. Most of these are open until 11pm and the most popular ones include one near the city’s main university and one in the Horizon Park Shopping Center.

Applebee’s Las Vegas

Las Vegas doesn’t scream “family destination” but despite that there are many Applebee’s locations here that do incredibly well. Anything goes in Las Vegas and the all-day breakfast menu and home-cooked food served at Applebee’s means it has plenty of eager eaters throughout the day. So, if you’re just woken up in a hotel room with no idea how you got there and a head that feels like it’s on fire, then drop by Applebee’s for a breakfast, dinner or lunch that you can rely on.

Applebee’s New York and NYC

There is a huge number of Applebee’s locations in the state of New York, many of which can be found in New York City. You can find these everywhere from Staten Island to Brooklyn and the Bronx. This chain has done incredibly well in NYC over the years and seems to be a regular part of the daily lives of hundreds of thousand of New Yorkers.

That’s never an easy thing to do in this city. There are so many top chains here, as well as countless award winning independent eateries. But it’s something that Applebee’s have got down to a tee.

Applebee’s Fargo

Many big chains have left North Dakota alone and others don’t have much of a presence here. But Applebee’s locations can be found in abundance and Fargo is one of the biggest cities in this state for them. You can enjoy family food from three different Applebee’s locations, all of which are open until 11pm throughout the week.

Applebee’s Orlando

Applebee's Las Vegas

Orlando is a family destination, attracting hordes of families from all over the world every year. That’s why you will find so many Applebee’s locations here. The two are a perfect match for each other and it is thanks to Orlando that so many tourists are being introduced to the Applebee’s chain every year.

You will find several Applebee’s locations throughout the city and most of them have been high rated since they first opened. The majority remain open until 11pm on weekdays but there are some Applebee’s locations here that don’t close until the early hours of the morning.

Applebee’s Lima, Ohio

Not a sunshine location, but one where Applebee’s has performed incredibly well nonetheless. Ohio is a very family centric state. Days-out for all of the family are a regular thing everywhere, but for many residents here they seem to choose Applebee’s locations over anywhere else.

Applebee’s Tallahassee

Florida is a huge destination for fast food and casual dining chains. A number of them rely on their success in this state and while Applebee’s is not one of them, it does big business here and has many top locations in its biggest towns and cities. Some of them rely on the tourist dollar, but with Tallahassee it’s all about the locals—families who just can’t get enough.

Applebee’s Omaha

Nebraska is often overlooked by many big chains, but Applebee’s locations are plentiful here and they are some of the best for miles around. The majority of them are open until midnight and beyond and you can find them throughout the city of Omaha and indeed throughout the state of Nebraska.

Does Applebee’s Have WiFi?

There is a WiFi connection in most Applebee’s locations. However, this is not exactly the quickest or the most reliable WiFi service offered by US chain restaurants. When it comes to WiFi it’s the breakfast chain and coffee chain that perform the best, as those are the ones that receive the most connection requests, with customers taking their laptops to work and their phones to kill time. Panera Bread, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have the best performing WiFi by far, whereas Applebee’s and similar chains are toward the other end of the spectrum.

Still, there is WiFi available here and it’s still good in a pinch.

Applebee’s Carside: How Does it Work?

Applebee's Worldwide Locations

Applebee’s Carside works just like a drive-in and is essentially their way of matching the services offered by casual dining restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, as well as fast food chains like Sonic. You just need to call in advance, place your order, and then drive into a specific bay. They will then come and deliver your meal to you through the window.

It’s a service that is far more common in fast food restaurants than casual dining ones because fast food is designed to be eaten quickly and on the go. But it works just as well here. Many Applebee’s locations have Carside services, but not all of them. So, give them a ring in advance to make sure they can offer this service.

Applebee’s Gift Cards

If you are struggling to find a gift for a friend or for family member and you know that they love Applebee’s then why not get them a Applebee’s gift card? These are widely available in-store, online and in limited retailers across the US. They can be used in-store and they can also be used with their Carside services.

The best thing about gift cards like this is that they will work in all of the 2,000+ Applebee’s locations. And if they don’t want it or can’t use it, then they can just swap it or sell it on one of the many gift card trading websites. These were setup to stop gift cards going to waste and they have caused a resurgence of sorts in this industry.