Baskin-Robbins Careers and Franchise (Hiring, Jobs, Application, Salary)

Baskin-Robbins Careers

Baskin-Robbins Careers are like a childhood dream job and a sucky adult job rolled into one. On the one hand you get to serve and even make delicious ice cream and cake all day. You get cheap and occasionally free treats and you essentially work in a candy store. On the other hand, you get low pay, you have to deal with squealing kids and dropped ice cream, and by the end you’ll probably never want to see another cone, tub or human being.

There are benefits to Baskin-Robbins careers though, they just might not be as obvious as you’d like. In this guide to all things Baskin-Robbins jobs we’ll show you what we mean. We’ll put this ice cream chain and their apparent 31 flavors (not quite true, as mentioned on our Baskin-Robbins Menu Prices page) in the spotlight and ask if they are a good employer.

Baskin-Robbins Careers

Before we get started with all of this Baskin-Robbins careers it’s worth noting that this is our opinion only and it is one formed without any personal experience of working at Baskin-Robbins. We’ve done our research, we’ve spoken to former workers and we’ve asked a lot of questions. We’re also not in any way biased. We have no connections to Baskin-Robbins and are not concerned with whether you really do consider working for Baskin-Robbins or not.

It’s our goal to give you the facts and let you make your mind up. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get to it.

Baskin-Robbins Jobs

So, what are the benefit to working at Baskin-Robbins? Well, for one thing, you get to be around ice cream and cake all day. I mean, there are other benefits a well, but…ice cream and cake. Say no more.

We would personally work there for free. We wouldn’t get any actual work done and we’d eat into their profits quicker than a rat infestation during a recession, but if there are any Baskin-Robbins employers looking, we’re your guys.

On a more serious note, there are benefits to Baskin-Robbins careers that don’t revolve around stealing ice cream and eating them into bankruptcy. It pays okay for an entry level job; there aren’t a great deal of skills needed; there are many openings; and it’s fairly easy to find work. There is also the fact that there is a lot of potential for promotions, as is usually the case with chains like this.

They want managers who know the brand, as they are the only ones who can order the workers around with any degree of respect and knowledge. So, they hire people in those entry level jobs. They increase their wages and responsibilities, and they give them opportunity and respect where there was none. If you don’t have qualifications, then a chain like Baskin-Robbins is a great chance to get a big paycheck and to make your way in the world.

Baskin-Robbins Application

Baskin-Robbins Application

As mentioned above, the best way to get yourself on the Baskin-Robbins career ladder is to visit a franchise directly. Ask to speak to a manager and don’t rest until they let you. If they tell you they are not in, then tell them you’ll wait. Give the manager your CV, be polite, let them know your availability, and offer to work there and then if they need you to.

You can also offer to work for a short time in order for them to evaluate you. Tell them you’ll give them 30 minutes or an hour of free work. Throw a joke in there, tell them you’ll do it for a free ice cream because you love a particular flavor so much. Express a passion, a dedication and a spirit, as well as a love of the brand, and the job will be yours every time.

You could also just submit an online application and join he virtual slush pile, but only if you don’t want to be taken seriously.

Expected Baskin-Robbins Salary

What do Baskin-Robbins pay? What will your salary be like? Well, it may differ slightly from location to location. This is a franchise as well, so you may get a generous owner, you may not. The entry level low-skill jobs pay an average of $8.50 an hour, which is fractionally more than chains like Whataburger and McDonalds. You can earn more if you become a cake decorator, as much as $11.50 an hour in fact, while shift leaders and assistant managers earn around $10.

If you progress to manager then your responsibilities will increase along with your pay, You can then earn more as a franchise manager or regional manager, before eventually (potentially) progressing to franchise owner. Former managers and crew members are perfectly posted to create successful Baskin-Robbins franchises and you may also find that they are more willing to accept you and to help you.

How Old Do You Need to be to Work at Baskin-Robbins?

The official minimum age to work at Baskin-Robbins is just 14. You will always stand a better chance of being hired if you are at least 16, but there is opportunity for a summer job or a part-time job if you are younger.

This minimum age will also change from location to location and franchise to franchise. It is up to the franchisee and 14 is only an average.

Are Baskin-Robbins Hiring?

Baskin-Robbins Hiring

Yes! I mean, they would have to be. It’s a huge chain, and because it’s minimum wage with a focus on hiring students, there is a high staff turnover rate. As a result, it’s unlikely that they are ever not hiring. When you factor in the total number of Baskin-Robbins locations, there’s a good chance that there are in excess of 1,000 Baskin-Robbins careers available at any given time.

You need to travel to access most of those of course, but there should be plenty Baskin-Robbins jobs near you as well. There are online forms here, but the best way to get yourself a job at Baskin-Robbins is to visit the location directly.

There are many reasons that this works better. Firstly, online applications are too easy. People often apply for dozens of jobs at once. Employers know this. They know that you might not accept the job even if they take the time to interview you and offer it to you. They know that you might even have a job lined up already by the time they ask you.

If you visit directly, then they can see you, they can see that you have taken the initiative, and they can ask you questions on the spot. It’s not unusual for them to hire directly when you do this, and most locations do need staff. If not, they will likely need them very soon, so state your intentions, let them know you will be available for the next few month at least, and leave a CV.

Does Baskin-Robbins Drug Test?

We’ve asked around and the answers seem to be unanimous: Baskin-Robbins do not drug test. This is true for all positions and for all employees. However, it might not be true for all locations as we only found information from a select group of workers.

If you have a lifestyle that you don’t want them to know about and are worried will cost you your job, then you should not be concerned. If you are applying for a promotion and are worried what will happen to you then just ask around at your location and get the info you need from current and former employees.