Bob Evans Restaurants (Menu Prices, Secret Menu)

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Bob Evans

Bob Evans is the first stop of the day for countless Americans. Owned by Bob Evans Farms, this restaurant chain sources quality meat and dairy products from the finest farms and producers, serving them up for a breakfast that all of the family can enjoy.

Bob Evans is hearty food with an authentic American feel. This is one of the oldest restaurant chains in the country, and while it is not as big or as dominant as it once was, it still has a place in the hearts of many American families.

Year Founded: 1946
Founded: Rio Grande, Ohio
Locations: Approximately 600
Employees: Approximately 47,000

Bob Evans History

The first Bob Evans restaurant opened in 1946. This was established by Bob Evans as a truck-stop diner, which he located near his farm. He produced his own products in the farm and sold them in the diner. As his products proved more and more popular, he realized that he needed to expand if he was to meet demand.

In the early 1960s, after trying and failing to sell his product to other restaurants, Bob Evans established his own restaurant on his farm. It grew from there and steadily became a prominent feature on the Ohio landscape, before spreading into other states.

They have ventured into other business over the years, but not all of these have been successful. In fact, many of them have failed miserably. They bought into the Owens restaurant chain, only for all of them to close within 2 decades. They also invested in Cantina del Rio, which Evans labelled as one of this biggest mistakes.

In 2016, they sold over 100 of their properties, and they recorded a slight reduction in revenue. Still, with over $1,6 billion in turnover, and close to $100 million in profit, it still has more than enough to keep on ticking over.

Bob Evans Menu

Bob Evans serve breakfast all day. We’re often being told that this is the most important meal of the day, which makes Bob Evans one of the most important chains in the country. And what better excuse do you need to tuck into bacon, eggs, pancakes and other breakfast treats for every meal?

It’s not just breakfast dishes on the Bob Evans menu though. They sell authentic American fare for every meal, all of which has a simple, home-cooked feel about it. A visit to Bob Evans is just like dropping by your grandmother’s house for some country home decor and some good, honest food.

Bob Evans Secret Menu

Bob Evans Secret Menu

There was a panic at Bob Evans Restaurants a few years ago. There were concerns that sales were plummeting and that families were turning away from casual dining and towards fast-food breakfast chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons. One of the things they did to fix this was push out a range of new menu items, and in the process, they also created some secret menu options.

Prior to this, the Bob Evans secret menu wasn’t very big at all. However, these days there are a number of Bob Evans secret menu hacks to explore.

Bob Evans Nutrition and Calories

Bob Evans Nutrition

The Bob Evans menu is huge, so there is no shortage of options if you’re on a special diet or if you’re watching your weight. Their “Fit for the Farm” menu contains a host of healthy options, just what a strong farmer needs to get through the working day. And just what you need to keep you in shape and to keep your energy levels up.

Of course, this is breakfast, so there is no shortage of energy-dense, calorific foods as well. In that sense, it’s like a cross between IHOP and Arby’s, with plenty of pancakes, sandwiches and hot food. To learn more about the healthy options at Bob Evans, be sure to read our Bob Evans Nutrition Info guide. We’ll point you in the direction of the healthiest and most nutrient-packed menu options and we’ll also help you to find vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Bob Evans Menu Prices

Bob Evans is honest food at honest prices. This is a casual dining restaurant, so if you’re expecting prices that are on par with fast-food chains like Subway and Jimmy John’s, then you might be in for a surprise. They are not expensive, far from it, but the extra attention to service and to fresh ingredients means that you will pay just that little bit more.

To see a full list of Bob Evans prices, be sure to click onto our guide. This contains every single menu item, with every single price alongside it. Generally, you can enjoy a 1 person breakfast feast for less than $20, and you can fill-up the entire family for $50. But it all depends on what you like and how big your appetite is.

Bob Evans Locations

Bob Evans Locations

There are 60 Bob Evans locations across the United States. This is a fraction of the number of some rival chains. It has nothing on the likes on White Castle, McDonalds and other big chains. But those are franchise operations, and all Bob Evans’s restaurants are owned by the company. In fact, if you factor in only company-owned restaurants, then Bob Evans becomes one of the biggest chains in the country, and even the world.

Bob Evans can be found in 24 states. It is predominantly focused on the Midwest, and there are also many Southern states that have several Bob Evans locations.

Bob Evans Store Hours

Bob Evans is big on breakfast, but it’s open throughout much of the day. You can order your favorite breakfast treats at any time, and there are other meals covered as well. They open prior to the breakfast rush and stay open until the evening hours. They also open during many holidays, including Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. However, their hours are greatly reduced during Christmas Day