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Brio is a popular chain of Italian restaurants that focuses on recipes sourced from the Tuscan region, a beautiful and picturesque region that is unlike any other part of this great country and has its own unique produce and its own unique flavors. This is Italian food, but it is Italian food like you have never tasted before.

The Brio Difference

There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in the United States, and around the world for that matter. This is one of the world’s favorite cuisines, and one that is even more popular than Mexican food here in the United States. However, Brio is Italian food like you haven’t see before, at least not in the USA. It is not heavy on pizzas and wings like you will find at Pizza Hut and other pizzerias; it is not dominated by Americanized dishes like you will find at Fazoli’s.

The thing that sets Brio apart from the crowd is that it focuses on Tuscan food, and it is big on authenticity. Authentic is always the best and that’s what this chain is all about. When you eat at Brio it feels like you are enjoying a meal at a classic Italian restaurant in the heart of the Tuscany region. All of the flavors and all of the ingredients are there. It’s fresh, it’s great produce and it’s simple ingredients. That is the basis of Italian cooking and it is the foundation of Brio.

If you want a true taste of Italy and you don’t want to limit yourself to pizza and pasta, then come and check out Brio.

Brio on Secret Menu

Unfortunately there is no Brio secret menu. However, we do have a host of other info on this top chain. To begin with, take a look at our Brio Menu Prices page. The prices are a little more expensive than other popular Italian chains, but not as bad as you might think. If you click onto our page you will be able to see this for yourself. We also discuss a number of other things that you should know about Brio, including specials, coupons and much more. If it’s important and it relates to this Tuscan Grill, then you will learn about it here.

What you can’t find on our menu prices page you can find on our Brio Nutrition Info page. This asks the questions, “Is Brio healthy?” and “is Brio vegan/gluten-free?” and then answers them clearly and comprehensively.


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