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Trendy upscale burger joints are huge right now and they have turned this industry on its head. There was a time when you just needed to sell cheap food in bulk to catch the attention of consumers, and that’s when McDonalds and White Castle dominated. Before long, big burgers and big flavors became the theme of the day and this was an era dominated by Burger King and Hardee’s. These days it’s all about trendy burgers, combining elements of fine dining with traditional burger joints. And for that, you can’t get much better than BurgerFi.

BurgerFi is one of the fastest growing chains out there right now. It is taking over the industry and forcing bigger chains to watch over their shoulders. BurgerFi may not have the size, the scale or the reach of many of its competitors, but every chain had to start somewhere and BurgerFi is getting off to a pretty good start.

The BurgerFi Difference

One of the things that sets BurgerFi apart from its rivals is the way the food is presented and the types of dishes that are on offer, You will get much more than simple hamburgers and cheeseburgers. There are exotic cheeses, relishes and all kinds of unique flavors used to flavor their burgers and their sides. That’s the BurgerFi difference and it’s what helps them to stand head and shoulders above the competition in what is a very competitive marketplace.

Everything else–from the way you order to the prices–is very similar, and that’s the sort of familiarity that people crave. But when it comes to the food itself, people want something different and exciting, and BurgerFi provide that in spades.

BurgerFi On Secret Menus

So, why have we included BurgerFi here on Secret Menus? Well, you might be disappointed to learn that there is no BurgerFi secret menu. However, because his chain is growing so fast and because it is so popular we have covered the traditional menu in full. You can lean more about this by visiting our BurgerFi Menu Prices page. Here you will see a full list of menu items, as well as all prices taken from an official source and updated on a regular basis.

If that’s not quite what you are looking for then take a peek at our BurgerFi Nutrition Info page. These are burgers, big burgers at that, so don’t expect them to be healthy or low calorie. However, it still pays to know what’s in the food that you eat and that’s what this page will help with. It will also tell you what options (if any) are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.