Capcom Bar: A Geek’s Dream

Ever wanted to eat food inspired by your favorite video games? Well now you can! If you plan on going to Japan, you can visit the Capcom Bar. Developed, created and launched by Capcom, they serve some of the most fun dishes inspired by some of their video game creations. Located in Shinjuku, Japan, it’s been noted as one of the most unique bars.

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Brain Cake – Resident Evil

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.28.16 PM

If you’re a video game lover and a Capcom fan, then you’ve played one of the many Resident Evil games. This sweet is a brain cake that looks like well, a brain. The price on this food is 680 YEN, which is approximately $5.68. This isn’t too much and is well priced compared to some of the US desserts that aren’t inspired by ridiculously cool video games.


Street Fighter Beverages

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All of your favorite beverages and even some new ones are inspired by Street Fighter. Packing a punch, you’re sure to love their delicious variety of flavors. Most drinks are around 4-6 US dollars.


Some beverages are alcohol and some are soft drinks, so if you have a young one or are planning to bring a sibling, there is something for everyone.  If your little companion is thinking about dressing up at anytime, it’s encouraged! Many fans that come into the bar cosplay their favorite characters, bringing a more entertaining, fun and interactive vibe to the Cap Bar.

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Basara, Ace Attorney and more also inspire your drinks and sweets! The best part? You can actually play some of their video games on their gaming wall they offer at the back of the bar. We’re pretty sure this is a drunken adult’s dream. It’s also open every single day of the year but you might want to figure out a way to get there soon! They only offer 32 seats in this intimate and fun eatery.


Date Modified - 12/03/2018