Carrabba’s Secret Menu (Hacked Menu, New Items, Updated for 2017)

Carrabba’s Secret Menu

The Carrabba’s secret menu is one of the best casual dining secret menus on this list. This may not be a big chain, and it may not appear to be primed to offer the best secret menus, but it bucks the trend. In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that the Carrabba’s secret menu is one of our favorite casual dining secret menus, up there with the Nando’s secret menu.

As with all secret menus, it’s not easy to find nutrition info on Carrabba’s secret menu options. And the same goes for prices, which tend to fluctuate. However, that’s pretty much the only downside. And we will try and negate those downsides for you, doing our best to source the latest prices (on our Carrabba’s Menu Prices page) and accurate nutrition info (on our Carrabba’s Nutrition Info page).

Carrabba’s Secret Menu

We try to keep this menu updated as best we can. We do that by connecting with managers, servers and customers, and by visiting the restaurant ourself. But with so many restaurants to get through and so many menus to explore, it’s not easy and we may miss a few secret menu hacks. As a result, we’d appreciate your input. If you know of anything we have overlooked, if you think there is a hack that would make for a great addition to this page or if you would like to comment on your experiences with the below hacks, then get in touch with us and let us know. You can find our contact info on the site, and you can also get in touch via Facebook.

So, without any further delay, here is the full, up to date Carrabba’s secret menu.

Chicken Bryan Pizza

The Chicken Bryan is a popular dish on the Carrabba’s menu. And the Chicken Bryan Pizza basically takes that popular dishes and adds it to another one: pizza! This secret menu item makes use of a well known food equation: Great Food + Pizza = Heaven.

The Chicken Bryan Pizza comes with grilled chicken, goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes and a basil and lemon butter sauce, all of which is cooked on one of their wood-fired bases. It’s thin, it’s crispy, it’s meaty and it’s decadent. It’s everything a good pizza should be.

This is one of the best pizzas we have eaten. And that’s saying something coming from someone who has tried everything on the Papa John’s secret menu, the Domino’s secret menu and every other pizza menu out there.

Scotty Thompson

Carrabba’s Secret Menu

This is a sloppy, sumptuous dish that is great as a starter, but probably not so great if you’re on a date and have a habit of spilling food down your top. This secret menu item consists of a dish of pomodoro sauce with a few chunks of goats cheese layer on top. It’s simple, but it works. And it’s served with slices of crusty bread. So, dip that bread in the sauce, spread a little of the cheese on top and enjoy the best bruschetta you’ve ever tasted courtesy of Scotty Thompson and the Carrabba’s secret menu.

This dish was apparently named after a friend of the two founders. He was the one who created the dish, and apparently he was also involved with perfecting it. Whether he received a share of the revenue, we’re not sure, but he deserves it.


This dish was created by Carrabba’s wine expert Freddy Brown. The story goes that Freddy was such a big fan of two Carrabba’s dishes that he couldn’t decide between them. And when you can’t decide between two dishes, the best option is to combine them both! We do this a lot ourselves and we’re sure you do. Sometimes it works, sometimes its an abomination that should never see the light of day, let alone be consumed by a human.

Thankfully, the Freduccine is the former.

Those two dishes were the Chicken Marsala and the Fettuccine Alfredo. As a result, this Carrabba’s secret menu dish is a combination of succulent grilled chicken, prosciutto ham and mushrooms smothered in marsala sauce and rested on top of a bed of Fettuccine Alfredo.

It’s the sauce that makes this dish, but the mixture of the mushroom, ham and chicken really brings it to life.

Pasta Rambo

Carrabbas Menu

This began life as a secret menu item, but it became so popular that it has since been included on many Carrabba’s menus. It is often listed as a special, but sometimes it’s not listed at all. So, while it’s technically not a secret menu item, we had to include it because we didn’t wear you to miss out.

Just like the man it’s named after, the Pasta Rambo packs one hell of a punch. It is a seafood dish that comes loaded with fresh ingredients and is full of protein. It uses linguine that is said to come all the way from Italy; juicy fresh shrimp; mushrooms and spinach; and their famous basil and lemon butter sauce.

The Pasta Rambo is one of those pasta dishes that contains more of additional ingredients than it does pasta. It’s a great way to get a protein fix an to experience all the taste of Carrabba’s in one bowl.