Crazy Lawsuits Filed Against Junk Food Companies

We have all heard the story about the woman who sued McDonalds because her coffee was hot, and we’ve all heard how it was apparently ridiculous. But, as we have discussed before, the story we all think we know is … Continued

The Healthy Teas You Need in Your Life

There seems to be a new superfood every week, from berries to greens and more. But one of the most overlooked areas is tea. There are a huge number of healthy teas out there an as well as being loaded … Continued

Four Simple Foods that Make Life Worth Living (and why they’re good for you)

Food is a necessity, but it’s also something that we get a great amount of pleasure from. It comforts, it excites. It’s like a drug, one that the entire world is addicted to. Modern life is stressful. We have to … Continued

4 of the Best Cookbooks for Home Cooks

There are hundreds of new cookbooks released every single day, covering all kind of cuisines and diets and taking you on a culinary adventure that, quite frankly, can get a little repetitive. After all, there’s only so many cookbooks you … Continued

How to Get the Fast Food Taste at Home

We all complain about fast food, it’s just something that we do. We complain that it is unhealthy and barely edible, we complain that it tastes terrible and we make up all kinds of stories. If you believe the rumor … Continued

Tips to Make Fast Food Favorites from Home (Tools, Recipes and More)

Your favorite fast food companies go to a lot of trouble to ensure that a burger you buy in Brooklyn, New York, tastes the same as one you buy in London, England. They want you to associate a specific flavor … Continued

The 10 Coolest Cakes on the Internet

1. Horror Wedding Cakes Most extravagant weddings have a groom’s cake and a bride’s cake. Well this couple decided to use their heads (ha, get it?!) to come up with this morbid and creepy idea for their wedding cakes. Since … Continued

DQ is Giving Away FREE Oreo Frappes Today

Free Oreo frappe Feeling blue after the end of a long weekend? Well, Dairy Queen wants to help you extend the holiday weekend just a bit more with a free frappe giveaway! Today (September 6) from 2-5 PM, DQ will … Continued

It’s Baaaaack! The Pumpkin Spice Latte Drops at Starbucks!

We’ve packed up the grills. Labor Day is ended. And as we head bleary-eyed back to the office after the unofficial end of summer, Starbucks has given us all something to make us happy! The PSL (aka. the Pumpkin Spice … Continued

Feeling Hungry? Sonic Corn Dogs will be $0.50

Sonic loves to give you fun specials. Including several times a year offering their corn dogs for $0.50 instead of the usual $1.00 price tag. For August 31, 2016, all day long you can grab as many of the $0.50 … Continued