Chipotle Locations (Seattle, Tallahassee, Brooklyn, Worldwide)

Chipotle Locations Worldwide

Chipotle Locations

The rate of growth for Chipotle has been unlike anything else. It is unprecedented and it is quite frankly amazing. Not only did they grow from a dozen locations to several hundred within 10 years, but after that they doubled their total locations several times in the ten years that followed.Today there are over 3,000 Chipotle locations around the world, but just a few years ago that number was 2,000.

No chain out there right now has grown as quickly and has been as dominant as Chipotle. It’s all down to brand power and to consumer demand. Mexican food is big, it’s getting bigger, and Chipotle are one of the most sought after chains in this industry.

In this guide we’ll put Chipotle locations in the spotlight and show you just how impressive this growth is. We will look at Chipotle locations in the US and around the world, while answering questions like, Is Chipotle Owned by McDonalds? Where is the Nearest Chipotle? And many more.

Most Popular Locations

Chipotle Locations

So, where are the most popular Chipotle locations? Well, the majority can be found in the United States, which will not come as much of a surprise. The vast majority of the US Chipotle locations are in California, which has nearly twice as many as the second most, Texas. Other states with a lot of Chipotle locations include Illinois, Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

Some of the states that only have a few locations include many New England states, such as Vermont and Maine (New York is one of the biggest, however) as well as North Dakota, Montana and West Virginia.

These will probably not come as much of a surprise. They are smaller and they are not known for their love of Mexican food. They are also further away from the states that have embraced Chipotle the most. However it may come as a surprise to see that New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama also have very few Chipotle locations.

As for the most popular and he ones that are talked about the most, they include:

Chipotle Seattle

Despite having some of the fewest Chipotle locations of any state, Washington has some of the most popular. In fact, the fact that there are so few here may have something to do with this. The most popular in this state can be found in Seattle, where great coffee and great food are always on the top of the menu.

Chipotle Tallahassee

In terms of states with the most Chipotle locations, Florida is in the top 5. It has more than the state of New York, and you’ll also find nearly twice as many Chipotle locations in Florida as you will find in Arizona, where Mexican food is arguably more popular.

Tallahassee has some of the most popular of the ones that people talk about the most, whether for good or for bad.

Chipotle Brooklyn

In 2017, according to Statista, there were a total of 127 Chipotle locations in the state of New York. A lot has happened since then though and there are many more locations in the state and in the Brooklyn area. This is a popular region for the chain and for others, and you can enjoy some of the finest Mexican food if you find yourself here.

Is Chipotle Owned by McDonalds?

No, to put it simply. However, there was a time when McDonalds did have a major stake in Chipotle. In fact, in 1993 when the Golden Arches became a major investor, Chipotle had just over a dozen locations. After the injection of McDonald’s experience and wealth they grew to over 600 locations within 15 years.

In 2006 they pulled out, completely divesting themselves from the company. At that time there were over 500 Chipotle locations and the brand had all the knowledge and the status that it needed to continue growing at an exponential rate.

Where is the Nearest Chipotle?

If you are in the United States then you should always be jus a few miles from one of the many Chipotle locations out there. There are so many of them and they are so evenly spaced that everyone can access one, unless they are living in the middle of nowhere. In fact, even then, they should still be able to hop in their car and drive for a few miles to get here.

Just follow the scent of sweet and fiery chile!

Chipotle Competitors

Chipotle Competitors

Chipotle is considered to be a fast casual-dining restaurant. So, while it is often compared to Taco Bell and Del Taco—a comparison we have made ourselves—they more closely resemble the likes of Qdoba Mexican Grill, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Baja Fresh. These are technically its direct competitors.

And that’s good news for Chipotle, because they are much smaller than Taco Bell and when compared to those chains then Chipotle is a clear winner in this industry.

Who Owns Chipotle Now?

Chipotle was founded by Steve Ellis, who still has a stake in the company. It is also currently listed on the stock exchange. However, while the stake owned by Ellis equates to a considerable sum of money, it does not account for a large percentage of the total price. He has been steadily selling stock off for over a decade and that’s why he has so little.

Is Chipotle Closing?

This is a question that we see a lot of and it is one that is asked for all chains. When there are so many locations of a single brand, it gets without staying that not all will succeed and that some will close. When customers see a location i their local area closing, they worry for the state of the chain on the whole.

That’s why these questions are asked, and it’s why a single store closing causes so much concern with fans of the chain. However, there is nothing to worry about because Chipotle is not closing any time soon.

In fact, most chains are not, even the ones that are struggling, like Quiznos, and the ones that have struggled in the past, like Boston Market.