The Burritodilla

The Burritodilla The Chipotle
Many people know about the Chipotle Quesarito, which is a gigantic combination consisting of a burrito wrapped in a gooey, cheesy quesadilla. The Burritodilla, its younger sibling, is a smaller, more manageable combination of the two delicacies. While the Quesarito is more of a burrito than a quesadilla, we can claim that the alternative Burritodilla is more of a quesadilla than a burrito in both size and shape (despite the ordering of the two halves of its name). This concoction includes the cheesiness of a quesadilla with the hearty fillings of your typical Chipotle burrito, all folded up into a neat pocket of delicious ingredients. Your mouth will be watering as you watch the Burritodilla slowly cook to perfection on the frying pan, and you’ll know you made the right decision.

Although you may be able to ask for the Burritodilla by name, there is a chance that your local Chipotle employee may have never heard of this sacred combination. If you run into any trouble, you can fulfill your good deed of the day and teach the employee your newfound knowledge. To make a Burritodilla, start with your basic, flat tortilla shell. Add a monstrous amount of shredded cheese to one half of the tortilla. Then, specify that you would only like half of your normal amount of burrito ingredients to be placed on this layer of cheese. This is when you add all of your favorite toppings, like the spicy salsa and ground beef, but make sure it’s only a half-portion. Adding the full burrito-sized portion of ingredients will make it difficult to fold the tortilla over into a quesadilla. Next, add an additional top layer of shredded cheese. It is crucial that you both begin and end with cheese so that your Burritodilla will stick together properly, and the cheese will melt your burrito toppings together nicely. The cheese is really what holds it all together, in the end. Lastly, ask your local Chiptole employee to fold the tortilla in half so that it can be cooked like a quesadilla. Throw it on the frying pan, and you’ve got a Burritodilla in just a few minutes.

Though simple to make, the Burritodilla is full of flavor. It’s smaller than the Quesarito, and thus a more manageable option for people who aren’t looking to gorge themselves during their lunch hour. It’s just enough to satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank (or ruining the rest of your workday with a food hangover). This secret menu item takes the basic cheese quesadilla and amps it up to a new level of flavor that is easier on the stomach than the regular, oversized burrito. Furthermore, the additional level of melted cheese gives it that warm, gooey touch that really completes the ensemble. Anyone who wants to try something a little different but doesn’t want to jump to the magnitude of the Quesarito should consider ordering the Burritodilla on the next trip to Chipotle. Disappointment is not even within the prospect of concern when it comes to this dish.

Availability: All locations

The Secret: A burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla

Popularity: High

Price: $4.99 + additional sides