Chipotle Double Wrapped Burrito

Sometimes, what’s on the outside really does matter as much as what’s on the inside. The Chipotle Double Wrapped Burrito is a big exception. Most people who love burritos are also big fans of tortillas. A soft, warm tortilla is one of the most important components of a burrito, and with Chipotle’s secret menu, you can ask for your burrito to be wrapped with two tortillas.

Bread-lovers unite over the opportunity of this add-on, and the best part about it is the price. Chipotle is willing to double-wrap burritos for free. You can get twice the tortilla without having to empty out your pockets. It’s a win-win situation for those looking to satisfy a Chipotle craving.

In addition, most Chipotle employees are willing to heat both tortillas so that the insides of your burrito will stay warmer for longer. This is a great idea for customers ordering a to-go meal who need to wait a few minutes before eating their food. The second tortilla provides an extra layer to keep the heat inside while you make your way home or back to work.

An added benefit of ordering the double wrapped burrito is the extra layer of protection that the second tortilla provides. The burrito can be a messy food to eat, but a second tortilla can really make a difference when it comes to keeping your food safely tucked inside its proper place.

Why else would you request this add-on item? You can order the double wrapped burrito with a regular amount of fillers and then use the second tortilla to divide your burrito into two. This is great for people who want to share a cheap meal with a smaller portion size. However, this idea comes with the risk of ruining the shape of your original burrito, so make sure you unroll it carefully!

Chipotle’s double wrapped burrito is fairly well known as a secret menu item, but your server still may not be familiar with it. However, since you are not asking for more expensive freebies, such as extra meat, you are less likely to run into any issues with your request. It’s definitely worth asking for, even if it may seem like an odd request; you more likely than not will not be the first person to ask for it at your local Chipotle.

To order this secret menu item, just ask the server for a burrito wrapped in two tortillas. Make sure you ask up front, at the beginning of your order, especially if you want both of your tortillas to be heated up! Complete your order by requesting the sides you want to be inside the burrito, just as you normally would.

Enjoy the luxury of a double wrapped burrito, and you’re sure to be satisfied with your lunch or dinner. Available at all locations, this free secret menu item is sure to be a hit for people who love tortillas.

Availability: All locations

The Secret: Two warm tortilla shells for one burrito

Popularity: Medium

Price: Free (But you have to pay for the burrito!)