Chipotle Extra Shells Hack

extra shells
Chipotle offers several types of meals that include similar ingredients of your choice, such as the burrito bowl, the burrito, and the tacos. But what if you want a combination of these meals but don’t want to order an excessive amount of food? If you know about Chipotle’s secret menu, you can order extra shells to create your very own combination.

To take advantage of the extra shells, you must order a regular burrito bowl and then ask for the additional shells. That way, you can use the ingredients from the burrito bowl to create whatever meal you desire. Some ideas include wrapping the ingredients into a burrito or sprinkling them over a taco.

When asking for extra shells, you can specify whether you would rather have two extra taco shells or one extra tortilla. This provides options for really customizing your meal. You can create your own burrito or taco in addition to your burrito bowl, thus giving you a little taste of everything.

Ordering extra shells is an excellent way to share a meal with someone else if you are not feeling particularly hungry. Both people can create their own meal from the ingredients you request in the burrito bowl. Splitting this meal into two is a budget-friendly way to order lunch or dinner without feeling like you are spending half of your paycheck on food.

You could also mix up your own meal by dividing the contents of your burrito bowl among the extra shells and the original shell in the bowl. This is a great option for people who can’t decide whether they want a burrito, a taco, or a burrito bowl. By ordering extra shells, you are getting what you want without having to overpay for extra food.

Another option for using your extra shells is to combine this freebie with the free fajita vegetables you can also order at Chipotle. You can create your own taco with the extra vegetables in your burrito bowl, or you could break the taco into smaller pieces to make your own nachos. Add a side of guacamole to make it even more interesting.

Chipotle’s extra shells are completely free, as long as you purchase the burrito bowl meal. Ask for the type of shell you want (tortilla or taco) after ordering the burrito bowl. This is a simple add-on item, so you should not have any trouble convincing employees to give it to you (as long as you are polite about it). Be sure to specify whether you would like your extra shells warmed, as well.

Take advantage of the opportunity to create your own unique Chipotle meal by ordering extra shells with your burrito bowl! Share with a friend, or keep them all to yourself; either way, this secret menu item is a great idea for customizing your Chipotle meal.

Availability: All locations

The Secret: Order two extra tacos or one extra tortilla with your burrito bowl

Popularity: Medium

Price: Free (with purchase of a burrito bowl)