Chipotle Free Fajita Veggies

Most customers aren’t aware of the fajita veggies on Chipotle’s secret menu, which can be added to any regular menu item. These veggies include grilled onions and peppers, and they can really amp up the flavor of your meal! Easy to order (and also easy on the finances), these grilled veggies are a must-have for all Chipotle lovers.

The fresh grilled onions and peppers at Chipotle are part of what sets the restaurant apart from other similar types of chains. While most fast food places are unlikely to offer you only fresh ingredients, Chipotle’s free fajita veggies are an additional plus to the plethora of fillings already offered to customers.

Unlike some of the other available extras, the grilled fajita veggies are absolutely free! This is an excellent way to mix up your regular order and try something new without having to spend any extra cash. Every penny counts in this economy, and you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with Chipotle’s secret menu items.

These fajita veggies go great with all of your Chipotle favorites. You may want to have them sprinkled on top of your burrito bowl or have them wrapped up with the other ingredients in your burrito. You can request to have fajita veggies added to any of the regular options at Chipotle, so this add-on is very versatile. Be creative and consider changing your typical routine.

Vegetarians looking for something different will love the extra fajita veggies with their regular meal. Alternatively, people who love meat in their burritos are also likely to enjoy the flavor that fajita veggies can add to the meat. The fajita veggies truly mix well as an add-on item. You’ll probably want to order them on every Chipotle visit after you experience them the first time!

Another benefit to ordering the fajita veggies is that they serve as a healthy addition to your meal. Choosing grilled veggies is an excellent way to increase your vegetable intake without having to sacrifice on flavor.

To order the fajita veggies, ask the server to add them in after you choose the rice and beans for your meal. This is a very popular secret menu item, so your server will likely be familiar with the add-on. You should not be charged any extra for these grilled veggies.

Your Chipotle server will probably not mention the fajita veggies, so if you want to add them, you will have to bring it up yourself. Do not expect to be asked if you want to order any extras. Part of the fun behind ordering a free secret menu item is that it is a secret, rather than a regularly advertised item.

Think about adding free fajita veggies to your Chipotle order the next time you want to get your burrito or burrito bowl fix! This flavorful add-on is a steal for those who know about the secret menu items.

Availability: All locations

The Secret: Fajita veggies to be added to any regular Chipotle meal

Popularity: High

Price: Free (as an add-on to a meal)