How to Get Free Cilantro at Chipotle

To add some spice to your favorite Chipotle meal, consider ordering the fresh, free cilantro from the restaurant’s secret menu. Adding fresh cilantro is an easy way to kick up the spice and make your regular meal much more interesting. Ordering this add-on from Chipotle’s secret menu is free with the purchase of a meal item.

Adding fresh cilantro to your meal is quite easy. Simply ask your Chipotle server to add cilantro to whatever you are planning on ordering. Some options include adding to a burrito, a burrito bowl, or a taco, but there are really no limitations as to what items you can choose to top with cilantro. Be creative and enjoy experimenting with your food! Chiptole’s buffet-style of cooking is conducive branching out and trying new things.

Similar to other secret menu items, such as the grilled fajita vegetables or the mix and match options, you should not be charged any extra for choosing to add fresh cilantro to your dish. This is yet another way to customize a Chipotle meal and make it into exactly what you want it to be. The spicy taste of cilantro is very unique, and it can help add an interesting flavor to your basic dish.

Needless to say, cilantro isn’t a spice for everyone. Some people really dislike the flavor it adds to food, while others rave about it. If you want to give cilantro a try but are worried about it overpowering the rest of your food, you can simply ask for a small amount the first time you order it; alternatively, you could ask for cilantro on only one taco if you order the regular, three-taco meal. For those who are interested in the spice, adding it on to a meal is a great way to add a little more green into your diet.

If you do enjoy the taste of cilantro, adding it to your Chipotle meal can be really beneficial to your health. Some claim that cilantro is a natural antioxidant and that it contains the nutrients of a “super food.” This includes Vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin A, and riboflavin, and these are just a few of the nutrients it provides.

Furthermore, cilantro is said to aid with lowering blood pressure, easing digestion, and aiding in weight loss. It is also a low-calorie herb that is beneficial for your cardiovascular health. These are a lot of significant benefits for an item that is free to add on to any Chipotle meal!

Aesthetically, cilantro adds color to a basic meal, which is important to some customers, especially when ordering from a fast food restaurant. Like all menu items at Chipotle, cilantro is a fresh ingredient, and it can add a unique spice to your meal. If you are looking for a change to your typical Chipotle order, add some cilantro for a different taste!

Availability: All locations

The Secret: Add cilantro to any Chipotle meal

Popularity: High

Price: Free (with the purchase of any Chipotle meal)