Chipotle Hacks & Best Tips

Sometimes, seemingly simple decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to making quick decisions while ordering food. You’re standing in line at Chipotle, and you’ve already decided you want to order a burrito bowl; however, once you get to the front of the line, you realize you haven’t decided what type of beans or meat you want.

Instead of holding up the line, you can take advantage of Chipotle’s secret menu by mixing and matching your favorite ingredients. Can’t decide whether you are craving black beans or pinto beans? Get a little of both. You can do this without adding any extra charges to the overall price of your meal, as long as you are careful with how you word your order.

The trick to utilizing this menu option is to make sure you ask for half of the portion size for each of the ingredients you order. Chipotle usually offers choices in binaries (such as pinto beans versus black beans), so you can ask for half of each. As long as you do not ask for more than the normal portion size, you should not be charged for mixing and matching.

The mix and match option on Chipotle’s secret menu applies to meats as well as beans. For example, you can order half chicken and half steak without having to pay any additional price. This is an excellent way to mix up your meal and make things a little more interesting. You can also mix it up with the free grilled fajita veggies, another secret menu item for Chipotle customers. Create your own, unique meal each time you have a craving for fresh ingredients.

One way to get the most out of this Chipotle secret is to mix and match your ingredients in a burrito bowl and ask for the free extra shells. This would allow you to build your own tacos or burritos from your burrito bowl ingredients. You could build one steak taco and one chicken taco without having to order two separate meals.

To take advantage of the mix and match option, simply ask your Chipotle server for half portions of the items you would like to mix. Be polite, and be sure to only ask for a half portion so you will not be charged for any extras, especially with the meats, since they tend to cost more. If you do not specify that you want half portions, you will likely be charged the price for ordering extra meat.

The mix and match option allows for more customization of the already user-friendly meals offered at Chipotle. Instead of having to stress over deciding what to order, you can order a little bit of everything in a portion size that is appropriate for one person. Get a mixture of the toppings you want without having to pay double the price!

Availability: Unknown

The Secret: Mix the types of beans or the types of meat with your order to create a unique combination

Popularity: Unknown

Price: Free (with the purchase of a regular Chipotle meal)