Sometimes, people just want a little extra crunch in their favorite Chipotle dish. You get to the end of the line, and the server asks if you would like to add any chips and guacamole. You hesitate because you know you want the chips, but you’re not sure you want them just as a side. You can order the chips separately from the meal, but it’s just not the same as having them as a part of the main course. Did you know that Chipotle has loaded nachos on its secret menu? This dish includes all of the normal burrito toppings of your choosing piled on top of a hearty amount of nacho chips. This dish can suffice for a whole meal, or you can use it as an appetizer if you plan on sharing with a group. The secret crunchy Chipotle nachos may be your next new obsession, especially if you are craving a burrito but could go without the soft tortilla.

To order this dish, simply request a Burrito Bowl, but explain that you would rather have chips at the bottom instead of rice. That way, you are still getting your “Burrito Bowl,” but you’re sneakily requesting a secret menu item. One of the best parts of ordering the nachos is that you don’t have to explain anything to employees who may not be aware of the secret menu. To them, you are asking for a slight modification on a menu item they are used to serving all day, every day. This helps to avoid any confusion that may arise from other secret menu items, and you’re getting what you really want, in the end. After you explain that you want to substitute the rice for tortilla chips, continue ordering all the ingredients you would normally want on your burrito. Watch them pile up. Anticipate what you are about to experience.

Though the giant burrito is an excellent choice, the Chipotle nachos really hit the spot when you are looking for something crunchy but want a little more than simple tortilla chips, and you can still have all of the toppings you would normally order. An added benefit is that the nachos are easy to share with friends (or on a date, if you’re running a little short on money and only want to order one meal – we won’t judge you). Since these nachos come with the same heaping amount of ingredients as the Burrito Bowl, you’re still getting a full meal, piled with salsa, beef, or any other fixings you love on a burrito. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, you could even order an extra side of tortilla chips to ensure that you have enough chips to take care of your entire Burrito Bowl. Another option is to treat the loaded nachos like an appetizer and order an additional main meal, though this is only advised for those who can handle massive amounts of food. This dish is versatile and should be added to your mental menu of Chipotle items to order on your next outing.

Availability: All locations

The Secret: Chips covered in cheese, beans, meat, and salsa

Popularity: Medium

Price: $6.25-$6.65