Most people don’t know it, but you can order a quesadilla through Chipotle’s secret menu. This cheesy meal is the perfect end to a long workday. While a burrito is sometimes exactly what you need, a quesadilla can really hit the spot when you’re in the mood for one. The simplicity of melted cheese between a folded tortilla is enough to make any hungry customer drool. There is also the option of including various ingredients in your quesadilla, such as salsa, meat, and vegetables, all sealed together with shredded cheese. Fry this dish on a frying pan, and it’s ready to be devoured in all of its glory. Luckily, this delicious meal is also budget-friendly, and it provides an option for the picky eater or the youngster who isn’t quite ready for a full Chiptole portion size.

Chipotle offers several options for sizes and types of quesadillas. Not feeling very hungry today? For just $2.97, you can order a small, children’s quesadilla with just cheese. This is a great option for those wanting a simple, limited portion size or for picky eaters who aren’t interested in the plethora of toppings that Chipotle has to offer. You could also order a side of guacamole to make this basic meal a little more interesting. Alternatively, you could order a children’s-sized quesadilla with meat for $3.50. This makes the meal a lot more substantial without breaking your wallet, and you may even be able to sneak in a few vegetables without your children noticing. For $4.75, you can order a full, adult-sized quesadilla with meat and additional toppings. This includes the same portion size of meat and toppings as a regular Chipotle burrito. People who aren’t very hungry could easily split this quesadilla for a delicious and financially-friendly lunch. Not willing to split it? Devour that quesadilla in one sitting, or if you can’t, save it for later, since quesadillas are generally pretty easy to keep and heat up later on. You have plenty of options in front of you.

Ordering a quesadilla off of Chipotle’s secret menu is easy! Just ask for a quesadilla, and make sure you specify what size you would like and whether or not you would like meat in it. If the Chipotle employee is not familiar with the basic format of a quesadilla (tortilla + cheese + frying pan), you can explain that you would like your ingredients piled onto one half of the tortilla. Make sure you specify that you would like cheese at the bottom and top of your ingredient pile. The options for meats and other toppings are the same as those offered for the different types of burritos. Fold over the other half of the tortilla, and your quesadilla will be ready for cooking! Enjoy your meal knowing that you have a little more insight on the secret Chipotle menu; whether your friends and family are impressed by this knowledge is minimally important compared to the satisfaction of ordering exactly what you want.

Availability: All locations

The Secret: Quesadilla (small or regularly-sized)

Popularity: High

Price: $2.95 (children’s with only cheese)
$3.50 (children’s with meat)
$4.75 (regular size with meat)