Single Taco

Sometimes, three tacos are just way too much for one person to handle in a single sitting. Chipotle customers who are only looking for a light snack can order a single taco, rather than the full three-taco meal. This smaller version is an excellent choice if you want Chipotle but aren’t interested in leaving with an overly full stomach.

The single taco is a great alternative to the regular meal, and if ordered with other Chipotle dishes, you can use it to create your own unique combination. It’s an affordable option that serves as a quick, light snack for people who are on the run and in need of some extra fuel.

When you order the single taco, you can request all of the ingredients you normally enjoy in your taco meal, including meat, vegetables, and salsa. There is no need to sacrifice any of your favorite fresh ingredients just because you are enjoying a smaller Chipotle meal.

This option is also an excellent choice for children. Few kids can stomach a whole meal at Chipotle, so ordering a smaller-sized meal is both economical and appropriate in portion size. Plus, you won’t get stuck sharing your food with the kids if they have their own meal to work on.

Interested in ordering a little extra food? Pair the single taco dish with another one of Chipotle’s delicious entrees, and you’ve got a great combination of different types of food. Consider pairing it with another Chipotle classic. The single taco goes great with a hearty burrito meal or even a yummy burrito bowl.

You may also want to consider pairing the single taco with another of Chipotle’s secret menu items, such as the quesadilla or burritodilla. These combinations are for those looking for a heavy meal to feel their stomachs. Alternatively, you could order a simple side of chips and guacamole to create a light (but not too-light) portion size.

At the low price of just $2.25, the single taco works great as an affordable add-on or a light snack. You can fulfill your craving for Chipotle without having to clean out your wallet. With the same fresh ingredients you would normally get in the larger meal, you can get a lot of bang for your buck with the single taco.

To order, simply ask the server for a single taco, rather than the regular taco meal. You can describe the ingredients you would like in the same manner as you would if you were ordering the regular, three-taco entrée. There is no need to worry about skimping on the filling, especially if you only plan on eating one taco.

The single taco meal is not a well-known menu item, so your local Chipotle server may not be aware of your intentions when you order. Make sure you specify what you want up front so that you’ll end up with the meal you’ve been craving! This version of the Chipotle taco meal packs a ton of value into a small portion size.
Availability: All locations

The Secret: One taco (as opposed to the regularly-sized meal of three tacos)

Popularity: Medium

Price: $2.25