Chuck-E-Cheese’s (Menu Prices, Coupons, Locations, Nutrition, Careers)

Chuck e Cheese

If you’re looking to keep your kids busy for an hour or five, then drop by Chuck-E-Cheese’s for some fast food and quality games. This is an arcade and a restaurant rolled into one. It is a kid’s paradise, the perfect location for birthday parties and treats, as well as those times you just want to get them out of your hair. The Chuck-E-Cheese’s menu has a little something for all ages, and they have one of the most action-packed arcades in town.

In this guide we’ll answer all of your following questions and more:

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  • Where Can I Find Chuck-e-Cheese Coupons?
  • What are Chuck-e-Cheese Prices?
  • How Do I Get a Job at Chuck-e-Cheese?
  • What Time Does Chuck-e-Cheese Open?
  • What Time Does Chuck-e-Cheese Close?

Chuck-E-Cheese’s began life on the west coast, created by a developer whose games have gone on to inspire countless creators and gamers around the world, and whose restaurant have given kids something to shout about since the late 70s.

Founded: 1977
Founding Location: San Jose, California
Locations: 560+
Type: Fast Food and Entertainment

Chuck-E-Cheese History

Many of the world’s biggest food chains were side projects for super-rich, super-intelligent businessmen and businesswomen. The founders behind Outback Steakhouse, for instance, positioned their restaurant under the umbrella of Bloomin’ Brands, which they then used to launch Fleming’s Steakhouse and Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Whereas Carl’s Jr. is so called not because it’s named after a “Carl Jr”, but because it was created as a smaller restaurant of a larger chain named “Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue”.

However, Chuck-E-Cheese’s goes one step further. This popular chain was founded by a technological giant—a man who has been considered to be one of the most influential men in 20th century technology. That man was Nolan Bushnell, who had previously launched the Atari brand.

His goal was actually to integrate Chuck-E-Cheese’s into Atari. Back then, Atari sold coin-operated machines. These were purchased by arcades for around $1,000 a piece, but they could go on to make as much as $20,000. Bushnell wanted a piece of this pie, and Chuck-E-Cheese’s was envisioned as a platform in which these games could operate. By adding a restaurant he realized he could standout from the local competition, offering something that they didn’t have. And in doing so he created a kids venue that parents also wanted to visit.

The first Chuck-E-Cheese’s opened in San Jose, California, in 1977. It was an instant hit, and within 2 years Bushnell was able to franchise the brand. In the early days it was known as Chuck-E-Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre, before the name was shortened in 1995.

Chuck-E-Cheese’s Animatronics

As well as the arcade games and the fast food, Chuck-E-Cheese’s also has a few animatronics. This is a popular attraction with kids, but believe it or not, they were actually created for the parents. It doesn’t cost any money to watch these robots perform, but it does cost money to play on the arcades.

The founders knew that parents would face constant begging from their children, and they knew they wouldn’t be too happy with spending on food and then entertainment. So, the animatronics were created as a way of offering free entertainment, essentially telling parents that their kids can have fun without spending a lot of money, while knowing full-well that the parents would eventually spend money on gaming tokens anyway.

The animatronics were also created as a way of keeping the adults happy while the children played, but in the end they became something that the children enjoyed more than their parents, and something that made this brand iconic. The animatronics stopped being a major feature in the mid-90s, but they still perform in regular shows and the brand still uses them during promotions and in their marketing.

Chuck-E-Cheese Menu

Chuck e Cheese Menu

Chuck-E-Cheese’s is all about pizza. It was seen as the perfect dish for the chain. After all, the main focus was always supposed to be the games and the entertainment, and pizza is something that everyone enjoys, something that can be cooked cheaply and served quickly, and something that can be eaten with your hands.

However, there is more to the Chuck-E-Cheese’s menu than this Italian-American favorite. The menu also includes other fast food favorites, such as chicken wings and sandwiches. There are also a selection of desserts and other snacks.

There are also a number of Chuck-E-Cheese’s locations that serve alcohol. This is perfect for parents looking to stay calm while their kids spend their money and beg for more. But unfortunately, you won’t find the hard alcohol that most parents need, and the focus is on popular beers and wines. But still, any port in a storm, as they say.

Chuck-E-Cheese Secret Menu

At Secret Menus, we like a challenge. Whenever we write about a restaurant that has arcade games as well as fast food, we’ll discus a secret menu that includes free games offers, deals and more, as well as secret menu items. Such is the case with the Chuck-E-Cheese’s secret menu.

Much like the Dave and Busters secret menu, there isn’t a great deal going on with the Chuck-E-Cheese’s secret menu where food is concerned. But this secret menu does exist, and there are a number of additional menu items to explore. These include regional specific items. There are a handful of Chuck-E-Cheese’s locations that act as “test” locations. This is where all new menu items are trialled, it’s where new shows and games are tested, and it’s generally where everything Chuck-E-Cheese makes a start.

We’ll show you how you can get some of these extra menu items even if your Chuck-E-Cheese’s is not a test location. We’ll also provide some general tips and hacks that can help you (and your children) to get more from your trip to Chuck-E-Cheese’s.

So, be sure to check out the Chuck-E-Cheese’s secret menu, which we strive to update on a regular basis.

Chuck-E-Cheese’s Menu Prices

Chuck-E-Cheese’s menu prices are cheap. They can afford to be cheap because a large bulk of their profits come from the games and the entertainment. That’s what makes this such a great family location, because everyone can afford to drop by, grab a bite to eat and play a few games.

If you do plan to play after you eat, then it’s best to purchase one of their meal deals. These come with a number of gaming tokens, and you can shave some dollars off both the games and the food this way. As an example, one of their most popular meal deals provides 4 soft drinks, a large pizza and 30 gaming tokens for just $29.99. This will keep your kid fully fueled as they play through the afternoon.

If you have a particularly hungry or hyperactive kid to look after (we feel your pain) then you can opt for their largest meal deal. This will get you 2 large pizzas, 4 soft drinks and 80 gaming tokens, all for $49.99.

To learn more about these meal deals, and to see a fully updated list of menu prices, see our Chuck-E-Cheese’s Menu Prices page.

Chuck-E-Cheese Nutrition and Calories

Chuck e Cheese Calories

Chuck-E-Cheese’s is the ultimate treat for your kids, and for yourself. This is not health food. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s fat, it’s sugar; it’s cheese, it’s cream. It’s delicious, make no mistake about it, but it far from healthy. Here on Secret Menus we like to point you toward the healthier menu options, but we’re struggling to do that here.

There are certainly healthier options, but the same could be said for anything. Right now, my fridge contains nothing but a bottle of beer, a block of cheese and last night’s pizza. Yet despite that, I sill have healthy options (I can choose to starve, for instance). To put it simply, if you’re on a diet, then the best thing you can do is just to go somewhere else. You can also take your own food, but nobody wants to be “that guy”.

Despite a distinct lack of nutrition, Chuck-E-Cheese’s has some options if you’re vegetarian or if you have a specific food allergy. Not really by choice, it seems. In fact, it’s one of those menus that doesn’t really seem to realize it has vegetarian options, but it does. There are also gluten-free options at Chuck-E-Cheese’s, and these are actually intentional.

They announced that over 500 stores would be getting gluten-free menus back in 2012, and in the years since, the rest of the Chuck-E-Cheese’s locations have been given gluten-free menus.

To learn more about these options, and to read about the calories in your meal, read our Chuck-E-Cheese’s Nutrition Info page.

Chuck-E-Cheese Locations

Chuck e Cheese Locations

The first Chuck-E-Cheese’s restaurant was in San Jose, California, and it expanded throughout the west coast in the 1980s. It may not be the only family restaurant to offer arcade games and other entertainment now, but back then it was. As a result, it was able to create its own niche and expanded rapidly because of it.

There was a number of acquisitions, buy-outs and rebranding during the first few decades, but this brand emerged as a family chain with a global reach. To date there are more than 560 Chuck-E-Cheese’s locations around the world. As well as the United States and Canada, it can also be found in the following countries:

  • Chile
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • United Arab Emirates

They have also previously owned restaurants in Australia and Hong Kong. The former was renamed Charlie Cheese’s Pizza Playhouse, as “Chuck” means “vomit” in Australia.

Chuck-E-Cheese Hours

Chuck e Cheese Hours

Chuck-E-Cheese’s is open for much of the day. The times differ depending on the location and the day, but in most cases it opens at 11am and remains open until 9pm. There are restricted hours on specific days. For instance, they tend to open early in the morning and close early afternoon on Thanksgiving, and they have similar times for other holidays.

Chuck-e-Cheese Jobs / Chuck-e-Cheese Careers

Chuck e Cheese Careers

There are many Chuck-e-Cheese jobs on the go. They have so many locations and they also tend to hire young people, helping them to get their foot-up on the career ladder. If you’re above the age of 16 in the US and 15 in Canada and you want to consider working for Chuck-e-Cheese, then you can find more information on the Chuck-e-Cheese careers page, including Chuck-e-Cheese applications and more.