Chuck-e-Cheese Menu Prices (Token Prices, Party Packages, More)

Chuck e Cheese Menu and Prices

This is a menu loaded with pizza and greasy sides. It’s a menu built with kids in mind, and a menu that is all about quick, affordable food that everyone enjoys. The food that fits the bill more than any other is pizza, which is why you will find so much of it here, but there’s more to the Chuck-e-Cheese menu than this Italian favorite.

On this page we will look at the Chuck-e-Cheese menu in all of its cheesy, greasy glory. Below you will find a complete list of Chuck-e-Cheese menu prices. This includes with up to date prices for everything on the menu, drinks and desserts included. Below this you can learn more about the Chuck-e-Cheese menu and the restaurant in general, including Chuck-e-Cheese token prices, party packages and much more.

At Secret Menus we don’t do things by half. And when it comes to the Chuck-e-Cheese menu, there is no better or more comprehensive resource.

Chuck-e-Cheese Menu Prices

Item NamePrice (USD)
Value Deals
Medium 1 Topping Pizza, 2 Soft Drinks & 15 Game Tokens19.99
Large 1 Topping Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks & 30 Game Tokens29.99
Large 1 Topping Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks & 80 Game Tokens39.99
2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas, 4 Soft Drinks & 80 Game Tokens49.99
Token Packages
30 Tokens10.00
70 Tokens20.00
120 Tokens30.00
Item NamePrice (USD)
Salads & Pizzas
All You Can Eat Salad Bar - Per Person6.99
Add Chicken - Per Person1.79
Individual Pizza 6 Slices5.99
Medium Pizza 10 Slices9.99
Large Pizza 12 Slices12.99
Add Topping Individual0.89
Add Topping Medium1.79
Add Topping Large1.99
Specialty Pizzas
BBQ Chicken Medium12.99
BBQ Chicken - Large16.99
All-Meat Combo -
All-Meat Combo -
Veggie - Medium12.99
Veggie - Large16.99
Super Combo -
Super Combo - Large16.99
Cali Alfredo - Medium12.99
Cali Alfredo - Large16.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Buffalo Wings Small (Serves 2)8.99
Buffalo Wings Family (Serves 4)17.49
Buffalo Wings Party (Serves 6)25.99
Buffalo Wings XL Party (Serves 8)34.49
BBQ Chicken Ciabatta6.99
Italian Sub Ciabatta6.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap6.99
Club Wrap6.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Sampler Platter - Wings, Breadsticks, Fries & Celery - Family9.99
Sampler Platter - Wings, Breadsticks, Fries & Celery - Party17.99
Chicken Nuggets -
Chicken Nuggets -
Pizza Dog3.99
Cheesy Bread5.49
Buffalo Cheesy Bread6.99
Parmesan Breadsticks4.49
French Fries - Large2.49
Item NamePrice (USD)
Apple Pizza - 6 Slices2.99
Cinnamon Breadsticks2.99

Chuck-e-Cheese Menu Favorites

So, what stands out the most for us on the Chuck-e-Cheese menu? This may not be fine dining and it may not be the best food you will ever taste. But if you’re anything like us then you will have your favorites. This is a selection of the dishes we like the most off the Chuck-e-Cheese menu:

  • Giant Warm Cookie: There are few better pleasures in life than a freshly baked cookie that is warm and soft to the touch. Cookies are great regardless of the temperature and the consistency, but this is the perfect combination, and the fact that it is giant (big enough for everyone in the party to have a piece) makes it even better and even more appealing. This is by far the best dessert on the Chuck-e-Cheese menu and it’s new as well, having launched in 2017.
  • Triple Pepperoni Pizza: The perfect pizza to enjoy National Pizza Day, and any other day of the week, this one reminds us of the edge-to-edge pizza toppings that you get at Donatos Pizza. It is packed with three kinds of pepperoni. The toppings are so thick and so plentiful that you can barely even see the cheese underneath.
  • Stuffed Crust Everything: The stuffed crust pizza is something that can be gotten horribly wrong, and we have tasted some terrible versions of this dish in the past. Thankfully, this is not one of them and the stuffed crust pizza is one of the better versions of this dish out there. It is also one of the best dishes on the Chuck-e-Cheese menu. It’s super cheesy and gooey and it goes well with any deep-pan pizza topping.
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap: If pizza is not your thing but you’re not quite a salad person (we know the feeling) then this is the next best thing. It is basically a chicken caesar salad, but everything is stuffed into a tortilla and wrapped up like a burrito. It’s the lovechild of an affair between Mexico and Italy. But this is an offspring that clearly grew up with American influences.

Chuck-e-Cheese Token Prices

Chuck e Cheese Menu Prices

A token goes a long way at Chuck-e-Cheese. And like all good arcades, if you’re good enough and lucky enough then you can also use them to win credits, which in turn can be used to unlock prizes. There are special birthday packages that all you to make big savings on these tokens. You can also buy gift cards to give them to birthday boys and girls and let them go wild.

The typical Chuck-e-Cheese token prices are $10 for 30, $20 for 80 and $30 for 150, which is clearly by far the best deal. Compared to other restaurants and arcades, this is far better value, especially when bought in bulk. Because of this, it’s always advisable to buy more tickets than you think you will need. If you just buy 10, for instance, then the kids might breeze through them and you could be left forking out another $10 for another ten; if you had spent than $20 to begin with then they would have 80 to play with.

So, buy big, give them plenty to play with. The worst that could happen is that there are a few tickets left at the end of the day. But you can always save these for another time or just give them to some kids as you leave.

Chuck-e-Cheese Party Packages

Chuck e Cheese Menu

Chuck-e-Cheese is a huge party destination for kids. They offer a range of services to help you setup your own party. The first thing you need to do is book a place on the official Chuck-e-Cheese website. This way you can make sure that they have something available in your nearest location at the time that you want it. They typically have availability throughout the year. However, on the busier days you might come up short. So, make sure that you book in advance if possible.

Once you have booked your own Chuck-e-Cheese birthday party then you can get official invitations from the restaurant. There are many different types and colors, utilizing images of the Chuck-e-Cheese mascots. These are a great personal touch and they will ensure the kids get excited well in advance. If you have any other requests, from birthday cakes, to songs, dances and more, then just phone your local restaurant and arrange it. They are usually very accommodating with this sort of thing; they will be happy to do what they can to help ensure your kid has the perfect party.

Chuck-e-Cheese Prices Compared

All in all, Chuck-e-Cheese menu prices are very reasonable and are in line with many similar chains. You will pay a little less than you would at many similar pizzerias. You will pay roughly the same as you would at Dave and Busters and Peter Piper Pizza, both of which are also focused on simple, affordable food served in an environment that offers games and a party atmosphere.

Just take a look at the Chuck-e-Cheese Menu Prices table above to see this for yourself. You can also find many other menu prices on this site, covering over 100 different chains and restaurants. So, the comparisons are there for you to make if you’re not sure!