Cinnabon Vodka

There is no shortage of cinnamon flavored vodka drinks out there. This hot spice has worked its way into many spirits and cocktails and is particularly popular during the winter months. But none of those come close to the Cinnabon Vodka. This is not a secret menu item as such, but it’s something that few Cinnabon fans seem to know about and one we think the entire world should hear about.

Cinnabon Vodka


This creation hit the shelves at the beginning of 2014 and it has been steadily gaining attention on social media ever since. This is not just cheap, flavored vodka. Pinnacle is a hugely popular vodka brand and they have created something that deserves to stand alongside their own fine creations.

What does it contain?

  • Cinnamon.
  • Vodka.
  • What more could you possibly want?

This vodka is distilled five-times, which means it has a pure taste, even with the overpowering Cinnabon flavors. Speaking of those flavors, if you are expecting a big hit of fiery cinnamon, like a vodka equivalent of Fireball, then you’ll be in for a surprise. This is not cinnamon flavored vodka, it’s Cinnabon flavored vodka. And that makes all the difference.

The following notes can be detected:

Cinnamon: The heat of this spice is still there, but it’s milder and less noticeable than what you might expect. You don’t get a huge hit of cinnamon when you bite into a Cinnabon roll, and you don’t get one when you take a sip of this either.

Vanilla: This is perhaps the dominant flavor. It is a vanilla that is carried on a train of sweetness and creaminess, which means it is reminiscent of the Cinnabon icing.

Cream Cheese: There is a strong, creamy overtone. It is there from the first sip until the last. Thing of a super-sweet, super-creamy Carrot Cake topping.

There are a number of manufacturer and user recipes associated with Cinnabon Vodka. We have tried many of these ourselves and can vouch for all of the following:

Cinnabon Vodka Recipe 1: Cinnabon Hot Cider


Take some apple cider, heat it up and add a sprinkle of sugar. Put a little butter in a glass and pour the hot cider over it, stirring until the butter melts and dissolves, creating a thick, smooth and dark drink.

Add 1/3rd Cinnabon Vodka to the glass (or more to taste) and top it off with a dollop of cream. Don’t overdo it, as this will melt into the drink. You want just enough to make the drink creamier and just enough to give you a big creamy moustache when you take a drink.

If you want to be fancy (don’t we all?) then add a wedge of lime or lemon to the glass. It’s not just garnish, as the citrus can cut through the stronger flavors and makes for a great addition if the drink is a little too creamy or too sweet.

Cinnabon Vodka Recipe 2: Cinnabon and Spice

Get some spice with the Cinnabon and Spice cocktail. This is a great way to intensify those spicy flavors and to make this a little more like the cinnamon flavored alcoholic drinks you might be used to.

Just add one shot of Cinnabon Vodka to one shot of spiced dark rum, the stronger the better. Top it off with a scoop of cream and wait for the cream to seep into the drink before taking a sip.

You can also heat the rum slightly and pour it over a little butter, before adding a drop of cream or milk, and then pouring in the Cinnabon Vodka. This drink also works with a combination of dark, light and golden rums, but it’s always best to get some spiced dark rum in there. That’s where the intense flavor comes from.

Cinnabon Vodka Recipe 3: Cinnabon Sunshine Sour

If you’re not keen on the sweetness of this unique beverage, then twist it into something sour instead. The Cinnabon Sunshine Sour is one of our favorites and is very different to any of the other Cinnabon recipes we have tried.

To make this for yourself take a shot of fresh orange juice, a shot of Cinnabon Vodka and two shots of Lemon Sour. That’s it! If it’s too sour for you, then add a little more Cinnabon Vodka or dash of sugar syrup.

This drink is best made in a cocktail shaker and served over crushed ice. You can also add a slice of lemon to the glass, but we prefer something a little sweeter like a cherry.

Other Ideas

That’s not all either. You don’t need a full drink’s cabinet or a full stock of fruit juices and cordials in order to create a delicious concoction. The problem is, the strong flavors and the over-ridding sweetness of Cinnabon Vodka means that many of these things just don’t work.

For instance, fruit juices like apple and orange usually work well with anything. They are a staple for many spirits and infusions, but they just don’t work with this particular drink.

There are many more flavors that do work though, and some of these might just surprise you.

Flavor Combinations

.Chocolate Milk: If you like sweet and creamy milkshakes, then add a splash or two of Cinnabon Vodka to some chocolate milk and away you go. This is a creamy milkshake that is heavy on the sweetness but makes for the ultimate combination. If it’s too sweet for you, look for a chocolate milkshake that is low on sugar. Or simply add some unsweetened milk to the mix. If it’s not sweet enough (unlikely) then keep adding more of that vodka until it is.

Coffee: This drink works surprisingly well with very strong flavors. It takes the edge away and imparts a sweetness that makes everything palatable. One drink that works very well is coffee, the stronger the better. In fact, good coffee doesn’t work as well as bad coffee. So, the cheaper, the blacker and the nastier, the better. It’ll make your horrible coffee taste like a sweet Starbucks treat.

Coca Cola: This is one of the best things that you can mix this drink with. We preferred it when mixed with Diet Coke (or Pepsi Max, if you prefer). But you can also try it will the fully sweetened version. Just be prepared for an onslaught of sugar and a potential diabetes diagnosis if you do.

Cider: We tried Cinnabon Voka with beer, but we wouldn’t recommend it. However, it works really well with cider. Snd it doesn’t matter if it’s apple cider or pear cider, or if it’s strong or light. Just try to avoid the many flavored ciders. There is too much going on and the flavors just overpower each other.