Costa Coffee Menu Prices (Updated)


Costa Coffee Menu Prices

For decades now, Costa have served up affordable, intelligently sourced, expertly roasted coffee to connoisseurs from the United Kingdom to the UAE. For some, this is an alternative to Starbucks. But for others, Costa is the one and only.

As we shall discover, the menus of Starbucks (click here to see the Starbucks menu) and Costa Coffee are very similar. They both sell coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other drinks. They both sell snacks and light meals. But there are as many differences as there are similarities. And when you get down to the most important stuff, which is the coffee itself, it’s easy to see why they are so adored.

Costa Coffee Full Menu

Item NamePrice (GBP)
Flat White - Primo2.40
Cappuccino - Primo2.25
Cappuccino - Medio2.55
Cappuccino - Massimo2.65
Caffe Latte - Primo2.15
Caffe Latte - Medio2.45
Caffe Latte - Massimo2.65
Americano - Primo1.95
Americano - Medio2.20
Americano - Massimo2.40
Cortado/ Mocha Coratado - Massimo1.95
Expresso Macchiato - Primo1.45
Expresso Macchiato - Medio1.80
Babycinno/ Chocolate Babyccino - Medio0.55
Mochas & Chocolates
Hot Chocolate - Primo2.40
Hot Chocolate - Medio2.70
Hot Chocolate - Massimo2.90
Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows - Primo2.85
Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows - Medio3.15
Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows - Massimo3.35
Mocha/ Mocha Lattee - Primo2.50
Mocha/ Mocha Lattee - Medio2.80
Mocha/ Mocha Lattee - Massimo3.00
Speciality Drinks
Specialty Latte - Primo2.55
Specialty Latte - Medio2.85
Specialty Latte - Massimo3.05
Chai Latte - Primo2.70
Chai Latte - Medio3.00
Chai Latte - Massimo3.20
Caramel Cappuccino - Primo2.50
Caramel Cappuccino - Medio2.80
Caramel Cappuccino - Massimo3.00
Traditional Tea/Decaf Tea1.75
Infusions/Specialties Teas1.95
Iced Coffees
Iced Cappuccino - Primo2.15
Iced Cappuccino - Medio2.45
Iced Cappuccino - Massimo2.65
Iced Latte - Massimo2.15
Iced Latte - Medio2.45
Iced Latte - Massimo2.65
Iced Specialty Latte - Primo2.55
Iced Specialty - Medio2.85
Iced Specialty Latte - Massimo3.05
Coffee Coolers
Coffee Cooler - Primo2.95
Coffee Cooler - Medio3.25
Coffee Cooler - Massimo3.45
Caramel Latte/ Mocha Cooler - Primo3.15
Caramel Latte/ Mocha Cooler - Medio3.45
Caramel Latte/ Mocha Cooler - Massimo3.65
Fruit Coolers
Tropical Fruit/ Mango & Passion Fruit/ Berry - Primo2.95
Tropical Fruit/ Mango & Passion Fruit/ Berry - Medio3.25
Tropical Fruit/ Mango & Passion Fruit/ Berry - Massimo3.45
Creamy Coolers
Strawberries & Cream - Primo3.20
Strawberries & Cream - Medio3.50
Belgian Chocolate - Primo3.20
Belgian Chocolate - Medio3.50
Sticky Toffee - Primo3.20
Sticky Toffee - Medio3.50
Over Ice
Iced Lemonade - Primo2.50
Iced Lemonade - Medio2.80
Iced Lemonade - Massimo3.00
Iced Tea - Primo2.50
Iced Tea - Medio2.80
Iced Tea - Massimo3.00
Iced Ginger Beer - Primo2.50
Iced Ginger Beer - Medio2.80
Iced Ginger Beer - Massimo3.00

Costa Coffee Variety

This coffee chain sells all kinds of coffee prepared in all kinds of way. You can opt for a milky latte, a super-strong espresso or a deep, dark, black coffee. The teas are just as varied, catering for the predominately British customer-base. You can order a simple breakfast tea to perk you up in the morning, or you can opt for a speciality tea like Earl Grey.

As we discussed in the Costa Nutrition Info page, the hot chocolates are some of the most calorific items on the menu. And if you can a flapjack to go along with it, you could be looking at the chubby side of 800 calories. But there are slimmer versions of all drinks available, even the hot chocolate.

As you can see for the menu below, everything here is reasonably priced. You can get a great cup of coffee, a tasty bite and a light lunch all for less than £10. It might not fill you up for the day like a Carl’s Jr. burger or a bucket of fried chicken from KFC. But it will keep you going through breakfast and lunch, and that’s when their trade is at its highest.

To see the menu for yourself, as well as all of the prices (relevant in most locations) look below. This table is updated regularly and if there are any changes, any new additions or anything else, we’ll be sure to include it.