Del Taco Menu Items (Updated)

Del Taco is one of the best places to grab a bite of Mexican fare in the US. It’s not able to rival the likes of Taco Bell and Chipotle in size, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. And as far as the menu goes, it is just as big, just as varied and just as tasty, as we shall discover.

This is Mexican fast food at its best, and if you love cheese, tortillas, beans and beef, Del Taco is your personal slice of food heaven.

Del Taco Menu Prices

Got some questions about Del Taco menu prices? Take a look at this short FAQ:

  • How Much Are Del Taco Fries? $1.79 Regular; $1.99 Medium; $2.49 Macho.
  • How Much Are Del Taco Shakes? $2.99.
  • How Much Is Del Taco Fiesta Pack? Between $8.99 and $11.99.
  • Does Del Taco Have a Breakfast Menu? Yes!
  • When Does Del Taco Start Serving Breakfast? 11.00pm.
  • When Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast? 11.00am.
  • Does Del Taco Have a Secret Menu? Yes. You can view it here: Del Taco Secret Menu.

Del Taco Full Menu Prices

Item NamePrice (USD)
Tacos & More
Beer Battered Fish Taco2.29
Street Taco (Carne Asada Steak)2.29
Flatbread Taco (Chicken)2.89
Chicken Cheddar or Chicken Spicy Jack Quesadilla3.29
Macho Nachos (Chicken4.69
Street Taco (Chicken)1.99
Turkey Taco (Crunchy or Soft)1.39
Flatbread Taco (Steak)3.19
Cheddar or Spicy Jack Quesadilla2.29
Macho Nachos (Beef)4.29
Macho Nachos (Steak)4.99
Carne Asada Street Taco2.29
Carne Asada Street Taco - Meal6.99
Carne Asada Combo Burrito4.49
Carne Asada Combo Burrito - Meal2 Pc. - 7.29
Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito3.19
Eight Layer Veggie Burrito3.09
Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito3.29
Del Combo Burrito3.19
Del Beef Burrito3.29
Burritos2 Pc. - 5.00
Epic Burritos
Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito5.09
Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito - Meal6.69
Epic Grilled Chicken Fajita Burrito5.29
Epic Grilled Chicken Fajita Burrito - Meal6.99
Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito5.29
Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito - Meal6.69
Epic Steak & Potato Burrito5.29
Epic Steak & Potato Burrito - Meal6.69
Epic Crispy Shrimp Burrito (Limited Time)6.29
Epic Crispy Shrimp Burrito - Meal (Limited Time)7.99
Handcrafted Ensaladas
Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad5.49
Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad & Small Drink6.99
Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad5.49
Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad & Small Drink6.99
Signature Taco Salad5.49
Signature Taco Salad & Small Drink6.99
Buck & Under Menu
Mini Cheddar Quesadilla0.59
Regular Taco0.69
Mini Bacon Quesadilla0.79
Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito0.89
Freshly Made Bean & Cheese Cup0.89
Chili Cheese Nachos1.00
Crunchtada Tostada1.00
Chicken Roller1.00
Salsa Verde Nachos (Limited Time1.00
Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco (Limited Time)1.00
Grilled Chicken Taco1.00
Half Pound Bean & Cheese Burrito1.00
Double Beef Classic Taco1.00
Real Strawberry Lemonade1.00
Brewed Iced Tea1.00
Fresca Bowls
Pollo Asado with Avocado4.79
Green Chile Chicken with Avocado4.79
Avocado Veggie4.09
American Grill
Double Del Cheeseburger3.39
Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger3.89
Del Cheeseburger2.29
Deluxe Chili Cheddar Fries3.29
Chili Cheddar Fries2.99
Crinkle-Cut FriesRegular - 1.79
Medium - 1.99
Macho - 2.49
Carne Asada Fries (Limited Time)4.99
Quick Combos
Two Double Beef Classic Tacos & Cheddar Quesadilla5.79
Del Combo Burrito5.99
Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito6.39
Double Del Cheeseburger6.39
Two Grilled Chicken Tacos5.29
Two Double Beef Classic Tacos5.29
Two Beef Battered Fish Tacos6.79
Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito & Grilled Chicken Taco6.79
Del Beef Burrito & Double Beef Classic Taco6.79
Macho Combo Burrito6.89
Macho Burrito4.69
Fiesta Pack
Six Regular Tacos & Six half pound Bean & Cheese Burritos8.99
Six Classic Tacos & Six Half pound Bean & Cheese Burritos11.99
Six Grilled Chicken Tacos & Six Hulf pund Bean & Cheese Burritos11.99
Kid's Meals
Kid's Quesadilla Meal3.59
Kid's Value Bean & Cheese Burrito Meal3.59
Kid's Regular Taco Meal3.59
Kid's Hamburger Meal3.59
Desserts & Drinks
Cinnamon Churros1.00
Caramel Cheesecake Bites2 Pc. - 2.39
4 Pc. - 4.29
Chocolate Chip Cookies1 Pc. - 0.89
3 Pc. - 1.80
Bottled Water1.49
Soft DrinkSmall - 1.79
Medium - 1.99
Macho - 2.39
Premium Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate)2.99
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco0.79
Mini Bacon Quesadilla0.79
Breakfast Burrito0.89
Bacon Breakfast Taco1.00
Sausage Breakfast Taco1.00
Hashbrown Sticks5 Pc. - 1.00
8 Pc. - 1.50
Iced Prima Java Coffee1.00
Bacon Breakfast Burrito1.29
Minute Maid Orange Juice1.69
Hot Prima Java Coffee1.39
Carne Asada Breakfast Taco (Limited Time)1.79
Epic Scrambler (Sausage or Bacon)3.99
Epic Scrambler (Sausage or Bacon) - Meal5.49
Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak)4.49
Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak) - Meal5.49
Bacon & Egg Quesadilla2.59
Bacon & Egg Quesadilla - Meal4.39
Half Pound Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito3.09
Half Pound Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito - Meal4.79
Half Pound Steak & Egg Burrito3.59
Half Pound Steak & Egg Burrito - Meal5.29
Egg & Cheese Burrito2.29
Egg & Cheese Burrito - Meal4.39

Del Taco Menu Options


There are a huge number of burrito and taco fillings to explore on Del Taco. You can opt for a variety of fish and meat, you can load-up on beans and cheese, or you can even purchase a rare treat through the Del Taco secret menu. Not all of these options are healthy, of course, but there are slimmer versions available. And as explained in our Del Taco Nutrition Info page, the very foundation of Del Taco is built upon superfoods.

All of the Del Taco menu items have one thing in common: they are incredibly cheap. You can feast until your stomach explodes on just $20. You can feed a hungry family of 5 on less than $50 and if you only have a few bucks in your back pocket, you can still enjoy a tasty meal.

A taco will cost you an average of just $2, and some of them can be purchased for less than $1.50. You can expect to pay a fraction over $3 for a burrito, which is always filled to the brim. And if you’re short on cash, then checkout their dollar menu. A dollar has never stretched so far, and you can purchase everything from tacos to burritos, sides and more.

In Del Taco, you can walk in with $10 in your wallet and feel like a king. To see these menu items and their prices for yourself, checkout the updated table below.