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Donatos Pizza is an American Pizzeria that has a large following and is growing all of the time. This chain hasn’t quite gained the same respect and the same popularity as some other, bigger chains, and it hasn’t grown at a particularly great rate either. However, for a quick-service casual dining chain with an independent feel, it hasn’t done half bad.

What’s more, Donatos Pizza has managed to populate a niche that has since gone untouched, a niche that is all theirs and has helped to give them a place in this industry. This is all down to two things: the thick crusts and the edge-to-edge toppings. The crust is not unlike the super-thin, super-tasty crusts you will find in the finest New York pizza parlous. As for the toppings, they are as the name suggests—packed all around the edge and all of the way to the center.

This is topping-heavy pizza that isn’t quite authentic and would probably make a Neapolitan pizza maker cry with anger, but pizza that Americans have fallen in love with. Here on Secret Menus we have covered all that is good and all that is great about this brand and you can find it all on this site. There is no Donatos Pizza secret menu, unfortunately, because it’s far too small for that and the menu just doesn’t accommodate it. But you can take a look at our Donatos Pizza Menu Prices page to see the full traditional menu.

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You may also want to take a look at our Donatos Pizza Nutrition Info page. Like the menu linked above, this contains a wealth of information on this top chain. You will find a table that is updated on a regular basis and has been taken from an official source. We work closely with servers, managers and customers to get this information and our researchers are constantly on the lookout for changes.

If Donatos Pizza isn’t quite what you are looking for then head back to the main page on Secret Menus (click the icon in the top left) and you can browse many of our other menu price pages and our nutrition pages, as well as all of the secret menus and the hidden menus from which we get our name.