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Scratch cooking is a rare treat in American food chains. It is something that Cheddar’s used to take their brand from a single restaurant in the middle of nowhere, to one of the biggest chains in the country. And it is also something that Elephant Bar have used to great effect.

They don’t have quite as many locations as Cheddars, but this is still popular and it is still growing. As of 2017 there are around 25 Elephant Bar locations across the United States. Most of these can be found in the state of California, but there is also a scattering of them in connected states. It is a brand that was born in California and one that was created out of a demand for quality food cooked like you would cook it at home.

There is no single cuisine at the Elephant Bar. Instead, they take inspiration from many different cuisines, bringing a host of flavors together to create a menu that takes you around the world within a few simple pages. Elephant Bar has gone through some difficult times in the last few years and they were forced to close over a dozen restaurants in 2014 after they filed for bankruptcy, but there is still hope for this chain yet.

After all, Boston Market went through the same stress many years ago, but it still managed to grow into a large chain and it currently has more than 500 locations across the United States. If they can do it, then why can’t Elephant Bar?

Elephant Bar on Secret Menus

There is no Elephant Bar secret menu. It’s not big enough for that and it’s not fast food, so it’s just not the sort of chain that would have a secret menu. However, you can read about the Elephant Bar happy hour by visiting our Elephant Bar Happy Hour page. This will tell you about the restaurant’s menu, as well as a few other essential tidbits. If that’s not what you’re looking for then take a peek at our Elephant Bar Nutrition Info page, which will tell you how many calories are in your chosen Elephant Bar dishes.


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