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Kentucky isn’t all about bourbon and fried chicken. There are a number of great foods and drinks to sample down here, with cuisines from all four corners of the world. They include the Italian chain Fazoli, which has been serving the finest pizzas, pastas and more across Kentucky since the late 1980s.

Fazoli is not just resigned to Kentucky either. This chain proved so popular with locals that it was able to expand into other states and as of 2017 there are even talks to take it global. If that happens then it means that Fazoli will look to compete with global powerhouses like Pizza Hut and Dominos, as well as the countless other pizza chains that litter the food landscape.

Pizza is the main star at Fazoli, but it’s not the only thing you will find at this chain. They have tried to compete with many different restaurants by offering many different foods. There are sandwiches and subs like those you will find at Firehouse Subs and there are pastas and other cleaner and healthier Italian foods like the ones you will find at Olive Garden. This is a big restaurant that celebrates all of the produce, the recipes and the flavors of Italy. The only difference is, you’re enjoying it in Kentucky, and not Italy.

Fazoli on Secret Menus

We don’t have a Fazoli secret menu. But as any of our regular readers will tell you, that’s not the only thing we focus on here. We have menus, nutrition info, takeout menus, coupons, deals and more. And you can find most of that here on Secret Menus.

For instance our Fazoli Menu Prices page will tell you everything you need to know about this menu, including all prices on all items. And if you take a look at our Fazoli Nutrition Info page then you will see just how many calories are in the pizzas, sandwiches and other food items that you order.

This is a growing chain and here at Secret Menus we aim to grow with it. This is a big sector and while it is also a saturated one, the world loves pizza so much that there will always be room for it. So, keep a close eye on this growing chain and on its information pages here on Secret Menus.