Firehouse Subs Careers and Franchises (Jobs, Application, Hiring, Salary)

Firehouse Subs Careers

Firehouse Subs Careers

Firehouse Subs do a lot for the local communities and that has made them a popular choice with franchise owners as well as employees. You don’t need to be a fireman or forewoman to work for Firehouse Subs. You can be young or old; you can be experienced or new. It doesn’t matter, they are willing to take anyone on providing they have the dedication to work hard and they are willing to closely abide by the rules and the values of this sandwich chain.

There are many benefits to taking on Firehouse Subs careers. The salary may not be the best, but you get to make, serve and even eat sandwiches all day; you can get to involve yourself with things that can help the local communities in which these stores operate; and you can also take advantage of many potential promotion opportunities.

That’s because franchise owners are always looking to hire managers who have worked at the lower levels. They want people with the experience as well as the knowledge. They want people who they know will excel, people who understand and adore everything about Firehouse Subs. So, get in at the lower level, work hard and you could find yourself in a management position before long.

Firehouse Subs Jobs

All Firehouse Subs franchises operate as individual businesses and there are many different franchise owners out there. This means that you can’t really apply with one location in order to gain potential employment at all of them. Instead, you need to focus your efforts on a particular location and franchise owner. Sometimes these franchise owners own several stores and can offer you employment in more than one, allowing you to choose. But many of them own single stores and can only offer employment in one.

Sometimes it is best to send in online applications. That’s usually the case if you’re dealing with big chains where the majority are company owned. But in this case it’s always best if you drop your CV by in person. That way you can make direct contact, you can show your enthusiasm and you can make sure that your CV doesn’t end up in a slush pile. It’s the best way to get noticed and to make sure they remember you. You might even get the job on the spot.

What Salary Does Firehouse Subs Pay?

There average Firehouse Subs salary is just below $8 an hour. Not a great deal of money, but entry level jobs require no skill or qualifications and there are always plenty of them on the go. If you need a few extra dollars; if you’re looking for something better and want to fill in the gaps until then; or if you want to start off in a career that could take you places, it’s still a worthwhile position.

The reason we say that is because the pay increases along with the responsibilities. If you update to a Shift Supervisor then you could get an extra couple dollars an hour. Become a Manager and you will be looking at an even bigger salary. From there you could always become a franchise owner. After all, the most successful franchise owners are the ones who worked and/or managed stores in the same chain.

It’s all the experience you need to succeed at the highest level and to effectively manage the people under you.

Are Firehouse Subs Hiring?

Yes! They are always hiring. After all, this is a huge chain. When you add the high stuff turnover rate on top of that (nothing to worry about, it’s common for entry level jobs in the fast food and service industry) then you have a constant need for committed employees at all levels and for all positions.

You can guarantee that your local shop will either need someone right now or will be desperate to find someone who will wait in the wings for when they inevitably need help in the future. So, make yourself available to that restaurant, state your intentions and before long the job could be yours.

Does Firehouse Subs Drug Test?

We have asked a few current and former employers and they seem to be unanimous in the fact that Firehouse Subs do not drug test. We can’t verify that this is true for all locations though. In fact, because Firehouse Subs is a franchise business, each location is likely to have different policies to the next one.

On the whole, you might find that you never get asked for a drugs test during any of your chosen Firehouse Subs careers. But if you end up working for a particularly problematic franchise owner, then you might end up being asked to take one.

Firehouse Subs Application

Firehouse Subs Application

As mentioned above, the best way to submit a Firehouse Subs application is in person. Make sure have a solid CV that checks all of the boxes and focuses on your enthusiasm and your passion for the brand than anything else. Because of the work that Firehouse Subs do with local communities you should also express a passion for your local area and a need to help out anyway you can.

This is the sort of passion that gets you notice. It’s the sort of passion that will get you the job. After all, these are entry level, low-skill jobs. They want people who are young and ambitious. They don’t need people who have a long list of qualifications or skills. If anything, unskilled applicants are preferred because the company knows there is a greater chance of them sticking around and not simply taking the job until something better comes along before leaving them in the lurch.

Make sure you hand your application into the management. If they insist that the manager is not there and can’t handle your request, then tell them you will wait and be prepared to do so. If you hand it to sever then it will likely get lost and you certainly won’t make an impact. If you can shake the hand of a manager, the person making the decisions; if you can let them know how passionate and willing you are and you can show that passion and that eagerness, then they are more likely to hire you.

Firehouse Subs Franchise Basics

Firehouse Subs is one of the best franchise operations out there, at least according to the experts. That’s one of the main reasons it has grown so big, so quickly. In 2015, it was voted as the Best Franchise to Buy by Forbes magazine, who know what they are talking about where that sort of thing is concerned.

Sandwich chains have always been a good buy, as displayed by the successful of Subway and Jimmy Johns. But they are by no means a guaranteed success. You only need to look at the rapid decline of Quiznos to see how quickly things can go wrong for these chains. But they have certainly gone right for Firehouse Subs and if you’re looking to get established with your own fast food chain then this could be the perfect one to get you started.

Is Firehouse Subs Franchise a Guarantee of Success?

Franchises like this seem to be a sure-fire ticket to success and profit, so why doesn’t everyone do them? Well, for one they are by no means a dead-cert. You have to work hard, you have to have the right location, the right commitment, the right employees and a little luck as well. Also, they don’t come cheap.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are priced out of owning a franchise like this by a long way. And considering they require you to have liquid assets, as opposed to borrowed money and bank balance deep in the red, it’s something for the few, not the many.

If you get over those stumbling blocks, if you make the investment and if you work hard, then you should certainly see a return on that investment very soon. You’re also investing in a growing brand, taking advantage of all the promotions that they do, and receiving all the recognition without any of the work. It’s all good, and even if it begins to go wrong there are options. After all, you could always sell your franchise, getting back a large chunk of the money you paid and recouping what losses there were, assuming there were any.

How Much is a Firehouse Subs Franchise?

We said that a Firehouse Subs franchise would set you back a lot of money, but just how much will you need to cough up? Well, there are several aspects, several areas to cover and a lot of money to produce.

Firstly, there is a minimum investment of $80,000. This can be much higher, but it all depends on the area and the amount you put into the business. There are also costs involving stock, employees, property and other basics that could drive this up considerably. However, while you will need a substantial amount of money, a Firehouse Subs franchise comes in at a lot less than what you would pay for Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme franchise, which can set you back as much as $2 million.

That’s a staggering amount of money and for that you could probably get a few Firehouse Subs franchises. It’s not all about money though as they also require the following from you:

  • Strong Drive for Excellence
  • Motivated to Succeed
  • Community Minded
  • Credit Score of at Least 650
  • Complete Devotion to your Business
  • A Passion for Sub Sandwiches