Firehouse Subs Locations (US, Worldwide, New York City)

Firehouse Subs Locations

Firehouse Subs locations number over 1,000 and they are growing all of the time. The popularity of this chain with customers and the popularity of its franchise has helped to ensure its rapid growth. And rapid is the key word here. Firehouse Subs was established as recently as 1994, less than 25 years ago.

They only hit their 100th location milestone in 2003, before increasing that figure by 1,000 percent within 13 years. That is nothing short of spectacular and they are the sort of numbers that can rival the phenomenal growth of chains like Five Guys and Jimmy Johns. Firehouse Subs has a long way to go if it is going to become the biggest sandwich chain in the world. In fact, it needs to double in size if it wants to become the second biggest. But taking their recent growth into account, as well as the hunger that investors and customers have for this chain, it’s easy to see how that could happen.

Firehouse Subs Locations

Where are the most popular of those 1,000+ Firehouse Subs locations? Where is the nearest Firehouse Subs to you? And how do the locations around the world, the locations in Las Vegas, Tallahassee and other top cities compare to the average? Those are the questions that we will answer on this Firehouse Subs locations guide.

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Nearest Firehouse Subs

If you use the location finder on the official website then you can discover just where your nearest Firehouse Subs location is. You just need to punch in your zip code and it will search a complete list of over 1,000 Firehouse Subs locations to tell you where the most conveniently located one is.

If you discover that there are no Firehouse Subs locations within a few miles of where you live then don’t despair, you could have just found the perfect opportunity to franchise it. To learn more about this, pay a visit to our Firehouse Subs Careers and Franchise page.

Firehouse Subs Locations in the US

Firehouse Subs may not be as big as Subway or Jimmy Johns, but it has grown at a great pace and and currently be found in 46 of the 50 American states. This is a staggering feat for a chain that was founded as recently as 1994. In fact, the fact that they reached over 1,000 locations in fewer than 25 years is impressive and puts them up there with the biggest chains in the world.

You can also find Firehouse Subs locations in Canada and Puerto Rico, with more being added to the list all of the time. We have focused on the best and the most popular of these locations below.

Firehouse Subs Jacksonville, Fl

There are just a few Firehouse Subs locations here, but one of them, located near the university, does very well. The idea of placing a sandwich shop next to a university is one that worked very well for Jimmy Johns, allowing them to grow so quickly, but it’s also one that has been adopted by many other chains. It’s an almost guaranteed way to succeed in this business. Students love fast, convenient and cheap food, and the Firehouse Subs menu is perfect for all of those things.

Firehouse Subs Las Vegas

Firehouse Subs Las Vegas
Las Vegas is big on chains and you can find all of the popular ones here, including Firehouse Subs. This is a city that attracts the tourist dollar more than any other, and those tourists come from across the US as well as the world. They want food that is cheap, tasty and reliable, and that’s why chains like this do so well.

It may not be the dream dinner treat for a couple on a honeymoon or for anyone on a luxury getaway, but it’s the perfect food to eat on the go and to make sure you have plenty of money leftover to gamble with.

Firehouse Subs Utah

The state of Utah has been a big success story for Firehouse Subs and all of that seems to be down to Salt Lake City. This is the location that everyone is talking about. It’s where franchisees based in Utah want to establish their shops and it’s where they are earning the most money across the state.

Firehouse Subs Memphis, Tn

Drop by Eastgate Shopping Center if you happen to be in Memphis. Not only is this a great shopping destination, but it is also home to one of the most popular Firehouse Subs locations in the state. A great way to end the day or to fuel you up for a day’s worth of shopping.

Firehouse Subs Texarkana

The Firehouse Subs Texarkana store is very popular and has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. This is a prime hotspot for the brand and one of their better performing locations in the Lone Star State. Not exactly the town you would expect to conquer all for them, but it has been one that many customers are talking about and searches for Firehouse Subs Texarkana are more plentiful than searches for any other Firehouse Subs location in the state of Texas.

Firehouse Subs NYC

Although this is a Florida chain born and bred, there are many Firehouse Subs locations in New York and it does very well here. Subs and firemen—two things that New Yorkers love and something they have embraced with Firehouse Subs.

In 2013 the chain announced that they would be opening as many as 60 Firehouse Subs locations in the city of New York within the next decade. They have already started to follow though with that promise and we have already seen many locations popping up throughout the Big Apple. If they complete that goal then Firehouse Subs could take the crown as the sub chain of choice for this great city.

Firehouse Subs Conway, Ar

The Firehouse Subs locations in Conway are some of the highest rated of all restaurants in this city. One of them in particular has taken the award for the eatery of choice for many years. It’s the same Firehouse Subs that we know and love, but for some reason it has been embraced like never before and like nowhere else.