Five Guys Careers and Franchise (Application, Cost, Salary, Hiring)

Five Guys Careers and Jobs

Five Guys is one of the fastest growing fast food chains out there right now. As a result, Five Guys careers could be just what you need to get ahead in this industry, to become part of the next best thing and to have a lot of fun while you do it. Fast food careers get a lot of stick, but we for one think that they are undervalued and misunderstood, no more so than Five Guys careers.

Five Guys Careers

Five Guys Careers

So, what makes Five Guys carers so special? What do they pay, how do you apply and how do you know if they are hiring? Well, we will discuss all of those things in this guide. Once you have read through this Five Guys careers page then you should also check with our Five Guys Secret Menu and our Five Guys Menu Prices pages to make sure you understand all that there is to know about this brand.

Before that though, let’s see what makes Five Guys jobs and careers worth your time and several years of your life.

Five Guys Jobs

One of the best thing about working for Five Guys is that there is a lot of potential for promotion. This is true of all fast food careers, but it’s even more noteworthy for Five Guys careers as they pay more for entry level jobs than other fast food chains do and there are also higher payments for the jobs that come with more responsibility.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has left school with little or no qualifications. It means that they can get by on hard work and determination alone, before moving onto a managerial position and then even a franchise owner or board room position. It’s what the American Dream is all about, and while this industry gets a lot of stick, it is one of the few industries where that dream is very much alive and well.

Think about it, for how many other industries can you honestly say that it’s possible to get to the top on hard work and determination alone? You either need to know the right people, to have the right qualifications at the most prestigious schools, to have someone willing to invest in you, or to have a lot of luck. That’s not what the American Dream is all about, but Five Guys careers are.

How Much is a Five Guys Salary?

Five Guys Pay

The amount you earn as a Five Guys employee will obviously depend on the role that you undertake. However, one thing worth noting is that they tend to pay more than many other fast food chains. They haven’t quite caught up to the likes of In-n-Out Burger, who are committed to paying as close to living wage as they can, but they pay a lot more than the likes of Taco Bell, McDonalds and Whataburger, and that’s just what many entry level workers need.

As a cashier you can expect to earn an average of around $8.50 an hour at Five Guys. If you work as a crew member or a grill cook then this will increase by between $0.20 and $1, depending on experience, specific role, and the franchise you work for.

As an assistant manager you can earn a lot more at Five Guys, often as much as $12 an hour, and this increases even further if you get a job as a manager or you move into the boardroom. As mentioned already, that promotion potential is what makes Five Guys careers and all fast food careers so special.

Five Guys Application

The best way to submit an application to Five Guys is in person. It shows a certain level of dedication and commitment and it helps you to avoid the slush pile that builds as a result of these fast food chains getting thousands of applications every single week. If you are lucky then you will arrive when they need a new employee or when one of their current employees has announced that they will leave.

But even if not, they will happily take your CV because they know that even if they don’t need you now, they could need you soon. Make sure you show that you are confident, committed and ready. Don’t shy away. Don’t hand it over with a murmured sentence and then walk away. Let them know you’re ready, show that you’re hard-working and then leave them with your CV.

Five Guys Employment

To learn more about Five Guys employment, take a look at their official Five Guys Careers page. You can learn a lot about working for this chain here, covering the whole remit of Five Guys restaurants, as well as all of the benefits that you get working for them and all of the reasons you would want to do that in the first place.

Five Guys Franchise

Five Guys Franchise

If you want to join the Five Guys brand then you are in good company. There are a huge number of Five Guys locations out there and there are many more clambering to join the fast food sector every single year. Even when they had over 1,000 locations there were still many more than this in development. That’s why they were voted as the fastest growing franchise in the United States, a figure that was based on growth in sales as well as growth in sheer numbers.

So, how do you become a part of this brand? Well, you’re first going to need a substantial amount of cash in the bank as the Five Guys franchise cost is between $150,000 and $360,000. This may sound like a lot of money, but it is a fraction of the amount that you would need to pay for a franchise at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, both of which can set you back as much as $2 million.

The franchise fee itself is “only” $25,000. The issue is that you need assets, you need property, you need stock, you need employees and you need a whole lot more. That’s where the costs begin to escalate and that’s why you will end up paying a lot more than that initial franchise cost if you want your own Five Guys restaurant.