Five Guys Locations (US, Orlando, Vegas; Worldwide, UK)

Five Guys Restaurant Locations

Five Guys was founded in the mid-1980s, which means its a fairly new chain when compared to some of the giants of the industry. However, there are still huge number of Five Guys locations the world over, and there are more in more being added all of the time. Five Guys locations can be found in most American states, but they are also in many other countries.

They have taken their brand of burgers and fries from he UK to the middle-east and further afield. What’s more, Five Guys is one of the fastest growing chains in the world right now. Because of this there are hundreds of Five Guys locations being added to the list all of the time.

Five Guys Locations

Five Guys Locations

So, what makes all of these Five Guys locations so special? Where are the most popular ones, where are the biggest and the best, and how many countries around the world can boast their own restaurant? That’s what we shall discuss on this Five Guys locations page.

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Five Guys Locations in the US

The growth of this chain has been nothing short of astonishing. They were founded in 1986 and while they grew from that point on, they still only had 5 locations by 2001. However, between 2001 and 2016 there were over 1,000 Five Guys locations around the world. A lot of this growth happened early on, with over 300 franchise permits sold in 2003 alone.

Very few chains out there have been able to match this growth. Jimmy John’s are one of the few to grow by hundreds of locations despite not being one of the biggest chains, but typically this sort of growth has been reserved for the likes of Subway and McDonalds.

There will soon be far more Five Guys locations in the US as well. In 2016, by which point they had surpassed 1,000 locations, it was announced that over 1,500 were in development throughout North America, most of which would be in the United States, with a smaller number in Canada.

Five Guys Chicago

There are several dozen Five Guys locations in the state of Illinois, some of the most popular of which can be found in the Windy City. As with most Five Guys locations, these are all open from 10am to 10pm, and they include locations on South Clinton Avenue and South Wabash.

Five Guys Orlando

Five Guys Orlando

What better place to enjoy a classic slice of Americana than one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. This is a tourist city, which means that many of the customers that walk into the local Five Guys are from all four corners of the world. It is important for the big chains to nail these tourist areas as it’s a way for them to expose their brand to all cultures, all nationalities and indeed all Americans. Five Guys have managed to do just that and there are some great Five Guys locations in this city.

Five Guys Las Vegas

Las Vegas is at the perfect home for the Five Guys chain. There are a few Five Guys locations here and they embody all that is great about Vegas. It’s great food but it’s cheap, it’s quick and it allows plenty of time for gambling. Las Vegas is all about low-cost, high-speed and great service, and those are the fundamentals of the Five Guys chain.

Five Guys Houston

This is a big city and it’s one that all fast food chains look to nail. Five Guys locations are in plenty supply here and they have been doing well on the whole. However, they tend to struggle to keep up with Whataburger, which is a Texas institution, and with In-n-Out Burger, which is adored throughout the city and indeed all across the Lone Star State.

Five Guys New York

There are probably more Five Guys locations in New York City than any other major city in the United States. The state on the whole has a lot of Five Guys locations, but these are focused on the Big Apple itself.

Five Guys Reston

Often described as the “best burger and fries for miles around” make sure you drop into Five Guys Reston if you find yourself nearby. This is a hugely rated restaurant in the local area and one that the locals have really taken to.

Five Guys Brunswick, GA

Located near Altama Village Shopping Center, the Five Guys location in Brunswick actually seems to attraction more attention and more customers than the nearby Sonic and McDonalds. This town has been a big success for the brand because of that. It shows that they can stand up to these big and long-established chains and still come out on top. They have something different to offer and in the eyes of many, they have something much better to offer.

Five Guys Madison

This popular location gets a lot of orders online, with home delivery and in-store pickup both available. It is a sign of the times for the Five Guys chain and shows just what direction they are heading in. If you live nearby to Five Guys Madison you can order your burgers, hot dogs or even sandwiches and have them delivered through Olo or arrange to drop by and pick it up.

Five Guys Kendall

If you find yourself in Kendall then we could recommend you try the Chicken Kitchen Kendall for chicken that is fresh, tasty and much healthier than the fast food chicken chains found here on Secret Menus. If that’s not your thing, of course, then you can head to the nearby Five Guys, which is just a stone’s throw away on the other side of the block.

Five Guys Omaha

Universities are great locations for fast food chains. Many of them, including sandwich chains like Jimmy John’s, have thrived because of US campuses and the hunger that the college kids have for food that is fast, fresh and cheap. Such is the case with Five Guys Omaha. There are two Five Guys locations here, most of which are a short trek from the main college, with one more or less on the doorstep.

Five Guys Locations Worldwide

Five Guys Worldwide

Five Guys locations have been very popular in the United Kingdom, second only to their locations in North America. There are many locations in this country, with a focus on the major cities, including the likes of London in the south, and Manchester and Liverpool in the north. As with the rest of the world, Five Guys locations are also cropping up in many more cities and towns in the UK. So, if there isn’t one nearby just yet, then keep your eyes peeled because there will like be one very soon.

You can also use the UK Five Guys Locations Finder to discover just where your nearest Five Guys restaurant is in the UK.

Five Guys Near Me

With over 1,000 Five Guys locations out there right now and with more than that currently in development there is always going to be a location within a few miles if you are in the United States. In fact, in a few years there could be a nearby Five Guys location even if you are in the UK or in other countries.

To find out where the nearest Five Guys is, just click onto the official Location Finder. Punch in your zip code and this program will do the rest of the work for you.