Fleming’s Steakhouse (Menu Prices, Nutrition, Secret Menu)

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Fleming’s Steakhouse

Fleming’s Steakhouse is a US restaurant chain that can be found in close to 30 different states. It was founded back in 1998 by an established brand within the food industry, and it currently attracts a sizeable chunk of customers seeking quality American fare.

Fleming’s Steakhouse is a great place to grab a hearty meal, to chill with a glass of fine wine or to spend the night with friends. It is a steakhouse and a wine bar rolled into one, which is why this is such a popular evening venue for young couples and single men and women across the country.

Year Founded: 1998
Founding Location: Newport Beach, California
Owner: Bloomin’ Brands

Fleming’s Steakhouse History

The Fleming’s Steakhouse chain was created by Bloomin’ Brands and restaurateur Paul Fleming, who leant his name both to this chain, and to the P.F. Chang’s chain, which he also founded.

Bloomin’ Brands was established off the back of the Outback Steakhouse chain, which serves Australian food from locations all over the world. Once this brand took off, they moved into the Italian food market, the second most popular ethnic food in the United States. In 1993, they launched Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and then, five years later, they helped to create Fleming’s.

Today, Bloomin’ Brands is one of the biggest companies in the casual dining sector. Individually, these chains are not the biggest on the market. However, together they account for more than 1,500 restaurants, helping to make this company a billion dollar brand.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Menu

Fleming's Steakhouse Menu

Choose from an array of surf and turf dishes.

Fleming’s Steakhouse serves up all kinds of meat and fish. You can order a prime cut of steak, some grilled chicken, lobster tails, crab’s legs or a fresh Sea Bass. The Fleming’s Steakhouse menu is heavy on protein and like any good steakhouse, it lets the quality of the ingredients do the talking. As a result, this is simple food that is cooked well and served with light sauces and sides.

There are appetizers, entrees, sides and more, but the menu that many customers make a bee-line for is the steak menu. Here you can browse a selection of fine USDA cuts of Angus beef. Whether you want an 8 oz Fillet Mignon or a 20 oz Ribeye, there is a little something for all tastes.

The Fleming’s Steakhouse menu also has an extensive wine list. Known as the “Fleming’s 100”, this is a carefully curated list that they take great pride in. It contains 100 hand-selected wines that can provide the perfect flavorful accompaniment to your meat or seafood main. These can be ordered by the glass and there is plenty of information on the menu to help you choose.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Secret Menu

Fleming's Steakhouse Secret Menu Hack

It’s not just steak and wine. Fleming’s also serve coffee and other drinks.

The Fleming’s Steakhouse secret menu is a thing. Believe us. If we know anything, it’s secret menus. And this one exists.

It’s not very big, but it’s roughly on par with the Outback Steakhouse secret menu and the Buffalo Wild Wings secret menu.

What’s more, because of the work of this site, and the demand created by customers like you, the Fleming’s Steakhouse secret menu will only grow from here. This trend is taking over the fast food and casual dining industry and everyone is looking to jump on the bandwagon. So, while it may be small now, it’s unlikely to stay that way. And as soon as a new Fleming’s Steakhouse secret menu hack is revealed, we will let you know all about it.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Menu Prices

Fleming's Steakhouse Full Menu

As well as the big steaks, there are also smaller and more refined menu options.

Good steak doesn’t come cheap. As is the case with the Outback Steakhouse menu, the Fleming’s Steakhouse menu can be a little pricey. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And while your wallet might be a little lighter by the time the bill arrives, the experience should be worth it.

While $50 could get you a family feast at a fast food chain like Arby’s, Sonic and Carl’s Jr., it will get you a single steak dish at Fleming’s Steakhouse. Add some sides and some drinks, and this increases considerably. As a result, you might want to leave the rest of the family at home and make the journey yourself.

On the plus side, if you’re not ordering a big hunk of prime meat, then you won’t pay through your teeth. Many of the standard Fleming’s Steakhouse menu items are very reasonably priced. To see these menu prices for yourself, be sure to read our Fleming’s Steakhouse Menu Prices guide.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Nutrition and Calories

Fleming's Steakhouse calories

Fleming’s is a carnivore’s dream.

Steak is all protein and fat. It’s okay in moderation, and it’s good if you’re an athlete looking for a protein fix, but if you’re a little on the heavy side and have been told to watch your fat, it’s not ideal. You don’t have to give up altogether though. It’s just a case of managing your portions. At Fleming’s Steakhouse, you can order steak in a variety of sizes and types, and if you check with our Fleming’s Steakhouse Nutrition Info guide, you can learn how much fat and how many calories are in each item.

There is also plenty of seafood and other dishes that may be better for you. If you’re a vegetarian, there aren’t a great deal of options for you on the Fleming’s Steakhouse menu. If you’re vegan, there are even fewer. But they still exist and there are also gluten-free options at Fleming’s Steakhouse.

To see these and more, be sure to check in with our Fleming’s Steakhouse Nutrition Info guide.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Locations

Fleming's Steakhouse Locations

It’s not just the menu where Fleming’s combines elements of a steakhouse and a wine bar, their decor also matches this fusion of styles.

As of 2016, there are around 70 Fleming’s Steakhouse locations across the United States. There are no international locations, but unlike many other small chains, these locations are not focused on one particular state or region. Instead, they are spread across 28 states, and that number is steadily growing.

The states with the highest number of locations include California and Florida. But the brand can also be found everywhere from Texas to Utah and from Nebraska to New Jersey.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Happy Hour

As it is also a wine bar, Fleming’s has some very worthwhile Happy Hours. These run on certain days and at certain times. They give you a chance to pickup some big bargains, including massive savings off of their “Fleming’s 100” wine list. Be sure to check in with out Fleming’s Happy Hour page to see what these times are and to make sure you plan your visit around them. Bear in mind that Happy Hours are there to drum up business when it would otherwise be slow, so you might have to go out of your way. Still, the money you save could make it worth your while.

To save even more, you can plan a visit during National Wine Day. This annual celebration is something that many bars and retailers acknowledge, including Fleming’s. Read our guide to see when this is and how you can take advantage of any deals associated with it.

Fleming’s Steakhouse Store Hours

Fleming’s Steakhouse is as much a bar as it is a steakhouse. As a result, it tends to open later in the day, skipping breakfast and lunch and going straight for the evening crowd. In most cases, it opens in the afternoon and shuts in the evening. However, these times may vary depending on location, so be sure to check with your local restaurant for exact Fleming’s Steakhouse store hours.


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