National Food Holidays (FREE Food + Full List) *UPDATED

The Ultimate List of Food Holidays

national-food-holidaysEveryone has heard of Earth Day on April 22nd; we all offer our support for World Mental Health day on October 10th; and on March the 21st, the aspiring poets among us dig out their high-school scribbles and annoy their friends for 24 hours in celebration of World Poetry Day. But did you know about World Taco Day? What about National Glazed Donut Day?

There is a world “something” day for every day of the year. In fact, there are several. And when it comes to food, it seems like every cuisine, every meal and every treat has its own day. This is the page for celebrating those days. Below you will find an entry for each and every one of them, each of which is linked to an extensive guide on the day in question.

So, erase World Poetry Day, cast Hot Air Ballon Day to the wind and knock Mole Day on the head, because it’s time to fill a hole, to indulge in your love of food and to blame the government when you get fat.


5th: National Whipped Cream Day (US)

19th: National Popcorn Day (US)

22nd: National Hot Sauce Day (US)

23rd: National Pie Day (US)

24th: National Peanut Butter Day (US)

27th: National Chocolate Cake Day (US)


2nd: National Tater Tot Day (US)

5th: World Nutella Day (World)

9th: National Pizza Day (US)

22nd: National Margarita Day (US)

23rd: National Banana Bread Day (US)

First Monday of Month: National Frozen Yoghurt Day


3rd: National Canadian Bacon Day (US)

8th: National Pancake Day (US)

9th: National Meatball Day (US)

19th: International Waffle Day (World)

22nd: National Corndog Day (US)

27th: International Whiskey Day (World)


2nd: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (US)

4th: International Carrot Day (World)

7th: National Beer Day (US)

12th: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (US)

17th: National Espresso Day (Italy)

19th: National Garlic Day (US)

21st: National Tea Day (UK)

26th: National Pretzel Day (US)


11th: National Eat What You Want Day (US)

13th: International Hummus Day (World)

23rd: National Taffy Day (US)

24th: National Escargot Day (US)

25th: National Wine Day (US)

28th: National Burger Day (US)

Third Friday of Month: National Pizza Party Day (US)


1st: World Milk Day (World)

3rd: National Fish and Chips Day (UK)

4th: National Cheese Day (US)

10th: National Iced Tea Day (US)

11th: World Gin Day (World)

15th: National Lobster Day (US)

17th: National Eat Your Vegetables Day (US)

18th: International Sushi Day (World)

25th: National Catfish Day (US)

First Friday of Month: National Donut Day (US)


4th: National Barbecue Day (US)

6th: National Fried Chicken Day (US)

7th: World Chocolate Day (World)

12th: National Pecan Pie Day (US)

13th: National French Fries Day (US)

14th: National Mac & Cheese Day (US)

16th: National Cherry Day (UK)

21st: National Junk Food Day (US)

23rd: National Hot Dog Day (US)

24th: National Drive-Thru Day (US)

29th: National Chicken Wing Day (US)

30th: National Cheesecake Day (US)

Third Sunday of July: National Ice Cream Day (US)

Fourth Thursday of July: National Chili Dog Day (US)


1st: National Milkshake Day (US)

10th: National S’more Day (US)

24th: National Waffle Day (US)

29th: National Chop Suey Day (US)

First Friday of Month: International Beer Day (World)


5th: National Cheese Pizza Day (US)

7th: National Salami Day (US)

13th: International Chocolate Day (US)

15th: National Double Cheeseburger Day (US)

16th: National Guacamole Day (US)

18th: National Cheeseburger Day (US)

20th: National Pepperoni Pizza Day (US)

25th: National Lobster Day (US)

29th: International Coffee Day (World)

Saturday Before Labor Day: International Bacon Day (World)


1st: World Vegetarian Day

4th: National Taco Day (US)

6th: National Noodle Day (US)

10th: World Porridge Day (World)

16th: World Food Day (World)

24th: National Food Day (US)

25th: World Pasta Day (World)

Second Thursday of Month: World Chicken Day (World)

Second Friday of Month: World Egg Day (World)


1st: World Vegan Day (World)

3rd: National Sandwich Day (US)

4th: National Candy Day (US)

16th: National Fast Food Day (US)

17th: National Baklava Day (US)

23rd: National Cashew Day (US)

24th: National Espresso Day (US)

28th: National French Toast Day (US)


1st: National Pie Day (US)

8th: National Brownie Day (US)

9th: National Pastry Day (US)

10th: National Lager Day (US)

15th: National Cupcake Day (US)

17th: National Maple Syrup Day (US)

21st: National Hamburger Day (US)

24th: National Eggnog Day (US)

25th: National Pumpkin Pie Day (US)

31st: National Champagne Day (US)