National Beer Day (Deals, Free Beer, Coupons)

National Beer Day

National Beer Day

Grab a cold one and celebrate National Beer Day in style with some National Beer Day deals, coupons and more. Get a free beer, save on a six-pack or just relax and enjoy the day. National Beer Day is all about beer, the third most popular drink in the world (behind tea and water).

The United States are not the biggest beer drinkers in the world. That honor goes to the Czech Republic, followed by many Northern European and African nations. But this drink has played a big role in America’s history. In fact, the event that National Beer Day was created to celebrate just might have saved this country.

As a result, National Beer Day could be one of the most important days on the calendar. Or at least, that’s the excuse you can give your boss and your partner as you spend April 7th drinking beer and raising a glass to anyone who will listen.

What is National Beer Day?

National Beer Day Offers

National Beer Day is the perfect day to sample all kinds of different beers, lagers and ales.

National Beer Day is celebrated every year on April 7th. Many countries have their own version of this day, but each has a different date and a different backstory. In the United Kingdom, for instance, National Beer Day is June 15th and is sponsored by the biggest powers in the British beer industry.

In the United States, National Beer Day’s roots are a little less commercial, at least when it comes to the event that it commemorates. It is supposed to celebrate a big event in 1933 (although National Beer Day wasn’t made official until 2009). 1933 was when the Cullen–Harrison Act was signed. This was effectively the end of prohibition, a difficult time for the people of America and for the government tasked with leading them.

After this act was signed, millions of Americans were able to enjoy their first legal beer in years, and the tavern industry boomed overnight as a result. To learn more about this act, and the periods that preceded it and followed it, see the sections below. For some National Beer Day deals, keep reading.

National Beer Day Deals 2017

Every year on April 7th you will find a selection of National Beer Day deals here. These can get you all kinds of coupons, offers, and even a free beer or two. Not all National Food Holidays are celebrated like this. Some are there in name only, and the retailers just don’t pay them much heed. But National Beer Day is a happy exception to that rule and there are all kinds of deals to take advantage of.

The next National Beer Day is April 2017. So, be sure to drop in before then to see what’s available. In the meantime, you can get a better idea of what to expect by reading about previous National Beer Day deals below.

Previous National Beer Day Deals

National Beer Day Deals

Drop by your local licensed chain or bar, or simply pop into the nearest retailer or brewery.

All of the following deals have been offered during one or more National Beer Days. These are the biggest bars and the best offers, and they will give you an idea of what to expect from future National Beer Day deals. All names are linked to internal pages within our site, on which you can find everything from coupons and other offers, to menu prices, nutrition info and secret menus.

Chili’s: In the past this bar and grill have offered half-off many of their draft beers, with other coupons also available.

Applebee’s: At this popular chain you can enjoy half-priced drink specials during National Beer Day. There are also all kinds of coupons to find that could save you even more money.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Happy Hour gets a little happier at Buffalo Wild Wings during National Beer Day. They have been known to reduce the prices of their drinks during these hours, and there are plenty of craft beers and foreign beers on the menu.

Don’t ignore your local retailer or brewery either. These are often the best places to find National Beer Day deals, with big discounts, coupons, free draft samples and more. The list is endless, and pretty much all retailers and breweries do something to celebrate National Beer Day.

Prohibition in the United States

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Craft beers have exploded in popularity. You could drink one per day for the next decade and still not get though all of these amazing flavors.

Prohibition was supposed to create a happier, healthier populace and to reduce crime and social issues. But instead, it gave rise to organized crime and made life very difficult for the people in charge.

Prohibition didn’t eliminate alcohol from society, it just sent it underground. Beers and wines can be made with a few simple ingredients, and spirits can be distilled with a simple still. Unlike drugs, alcohol does not require a certain ingredient to be smuggled in from overseas. As a result, people were able to make their own alcohol at home and gangsters were able to brew it in large batches, selling through underground clubs known as “Speakeasies”.

Prohibition: Some Home Truths

Prohibition helped a criminal underclass rise to the top. They were making something that was simple, cheap and quick, and they were selling it for a huge profit. As a result, they were able to pay-off the police and officials, they were able to fund their activities. There was also a lot of turf warfare.

So, in an effort to stop the flow of alcohol, the US government essentially created organized crime and corruption; they give birth to some of the most notorious criminals in history and caused great social decline.

They also took a sizeable financial hit, because the money that could have gone to them in taxes, instead lined the pockets of gangsters. The public may have called for the Cullen–Harrison Act to be signed, but the government were just as desperate for it. Today, this act should not just be seen as the law that made alcohol legal again and the law that allows you to enjoy a beer on National Beer Day. But it should also be seen as the law that saved America.

The United States Alcohol Industry

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At worst, prohibition was a huge mistake. At best, it was a failed idea that was doomed from the start. These days, the alcohol industry is one of the biggest in the country. It generates around $220 Billion in sales every year, and that’s not including all of the extra cash it injects into the local economy through tourism, festivals and tips.

Every year around 20 gallons of beer are drunk per capita on average, and without this substance some of the biggest companies in the country just would exist. Of course, alcohol also causes some social issues. No matter how you spin it, increased alcohol consumption does lead to an increased level of anti-social activity, which in turn can put a strain on the economy. But in a country that profits from its prison system and one with a private healthcare system, this is not something that the government should worry about.

And as mentioned above, if you take alcohol out of the hands of the regulators and the multinationals, then you’re putting it into the hands of criminal organizations. And when that happens, petty crime may be reduced, but violent crime increases significantly.

3 Top Beer Hacks

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Get ready for National Beer Day with these cool beer hacks. You will never look at a bottle of beer in the same way again.

1. Get Creative: Can’t find your bottle opener? Don’t worry, because you might not need it. You can open a bottle with everything from a lighter to a dollar bill. There is a trick to every method, but they’re all easy to learn.

2. Insta-Freeze: Chill that warm beer down by wrapping it in a wet paper towel and placing it in the freezer. Within 15 minutes it will be ice cold.

3. Multi-Freeze: Fill a bucket with ice and add some salt before placing the beers inside. This will speed-up the cooling process.

5 Top Beer Facts

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Find out something new about your favorite drink with these beer facts in celebration of National Beer Day.

1. Venom: The world’s strongest beer is a staggering 67.5%. Brewed in Scotland, “Snake’s Venom” is a good deal more powerful than that other Scottish favorite, whiskey.

2. Drunk all Day: In the Middle-Ages, beer was drunk in place of water. It was safer than water, which was often dirty and bacteria-ridden. They drank throughout the day and children also drank the beverage. However, it was much weaker than the beer we drink today.

3. Getting Stoned: The American Journal of Epidemiology conducted a study which concluded that regular beer drinking reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by as much as 40%.

4. Terrible Fear: “Cenosillicaphobia” is a fear of an empty beer glass, something that all beer drinkers can relate to, and something that all of us have to some extent. After all, no one likes en empty glass.

5. October Fun: Every year, the Oktoberfest beer festival attracts more than 6 million visitors, injecting a huge amount of money into the local economy and bringing beer lovers together from all over the world.

National Beer Day Links

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