National French Fries Day (Updated. Deals and Coupons)

National French Fries Day

National French Fries Day

French fries are a staple on many fast food menus. They are something that everyone enjoys, something that the US consumes in vast quantities every day, and something that has it’s own food holiday.

July 13th is National French Fries Day. It is a day to celebrate this greasy delight, a day to tuck into your favorite side dish and take advantage of all kinds of deals and coupons.

On this page you will discover everything you ever wanted to know about National French Fries Day, including a host of National French Fries Day deals, coupons and more. Because this is not just a day for people who eat French fries. It’s a day for people who produce them, people who cook them and people who make their fortunes selling them.

In many ways, National French Fries Day is a day for the entire fast food industry. And one that all fast food fans should pencil into their calendar.

What is National French Fries Day?

National French Fries Day takes places every year on July 13th. This is a US holiday that the biggest burger chains get behind, offering all kinds of National French Fries Day deals. In fact, if a restaurant sells French fries, there’s a good chance you will find some deals from them on this day.

Along with National Cheeseburger Day, it is one of the biggest days on the food holidays calendar. It is a day to celebrate this food item, to tuck into the biggest plate of fries you can find, and to pick-up all kinds of National French Fries Days deals. And if you’re not sure where to find these, don’t worry, as that’s what this page is for.

National French Fries Day Deals 2017

National French Fries Day Coupons

French fries are common side dishes at burger joints and fried chicken chains.

Every year we source the very best National French Fries Day deals and post them in this section for you. This is an annual occurrence, but it’s something that we begin to work on weeks in advance.

As soon as the big fast food chains, restaurants and retailers announce an offer, whether in the form of a deal, a price reduction or a coupon, we will post it here. In the past we have helped fast food customers to secure massive savings on all of their favorite items, and French fries are at the top of the list for many.

So, be sure to check back with this page in anticipation of the next National French Fries Day, which is scheduled for July 13th 2017. In the meantime, to give you an idea of what sort of National French Fries Day deals you can expect, and to help you to anticipate these yourself, checkout the following section.

Previous National French Fries Day Deals

National French Fries Day Freebies

French fries together with their best friend, the burger.

All of the following fast food chains have been known to offer National French Fries Day deals in the past. These are where you will find the biggest offers:


It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that McDonalds are one of the biggest advocates of National French Fries Day. In fact, on many previous days they have given away a free order of fries. In all cases you had to place an order for another food item and received the fries for free. But this is still a good deal and one worth keeping an eye out for in the future.

Burger King:

Like their Golden Arched rivals, Burger King are big fans of National French Fries Day and they have offered a number of big deals in the past. Many of these deals have been along the same lines, with free fries for food orders. But they have also released coupons and other special deals.


Best known for their waffles, it’s probably a surprise to see IHOP on this list. However, they have run some of the biggest National French Fries Day deals in the past. For many years they gave you a free unlimited order of fries when you ordered one of their burgers. These fries may not be top of your list, but free is free. And fries are fries.

Other previous National French Fries Day deals have included:

BurgerFi: In the past they have given out free fries with all orders of one of their burgers.

Carl’s Jr.: This fun and irreverent brand has previously offered customers the chance to print out coupons for free French fries.

Frite Street:
This may be one of the smaller brand, but they have had some of the most generous promotions. They always try to outdo their rivals.

History of the Potato

The potato is a strange and wonderful vegetable. It’s perfectly healthy and versatile when baked. But with a little oil and a lot of heat, it turns into something that is a little unhealthier, and a lot tastier.

This New World vegetable was shipped to Europe from the New World in the 16th century. It had been cultivated in South America for thousands of years. But when it landed in Europe, few people wanted it and no one knew what to do with it. Only when they realized that it was easy to cultivate did it begin to spread, with the leaders of the age convincing the people that this was the food of the future.

And rightly so. Because not only can it be grown in even the most stubborn of locations, but the potato contains a lot of energy, as well as a massive dose of potassium and Vitamin C. Of course, the potato really took off when we realized that it tasted best when fried, at which point it pretty much stopped being a healthy vegetable and eventually became a cheap, simple, but delicious fast-food staple.

Where Were French Fries Invented?

National French Fries Day Deals

Often consumed as a side dish, French fries are also a great snack when served with a few sauces.

The origin of the French fry is hotly debated. The Belgians have staked the biggest claim to its invention and many experts have backed them up. But the French disagree and claim that they were the ones to have invented this gastronomic staple.

However they were invented, what we do know is that they were popular across both Belgium and France well in the 19th century, and that they became known as “French fries” in the United States and the United Kingdom moving into the 20th century.

If they were indeed invented in Belgium, then it is likely that they were given the name “French” fries by English speaking Americans or Brits who either confused them for being French, or were basing the name off the language spoken in Belgium, and not the country itself.

Frozen French fries hit the market in the 1940s. Although a simple invention at the time, this would prove revolutionary. It was this invention that allowed some of the biggest fast food chains in the world to speed up the cooking process and offer cheaper food.

Frozen French Fries Consumption

The vast majority of French fries cooked in US and UK homes are cooked from frozen. Much more so than the thicker cut variety. It seems that home users are willing to cook their own thick-cut potatoes from scratch, but prefer to buy frozen ones when dealing with the thinner variety.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the structure of French fries seems to hold-up better when they are frozen. It also produces a crisper product. And because this is what the biggest fast food chains have used for decades, it’s a product we’re used to. We consider the frozen French fry as being the real deal.

Because they need to be cut thinly and handled delicately, they are also harder to produce at home. On the flip side, thick cut potatoes are easier to produce and cook from fresh. They are also expected to be fluffy and not crisp, and this isn’t easily achieved with frozen versions.

5 Best Fast Food French Fries

National French Fries Day Offers

Everything from cheese to ketchup, mayo and vinegar is put on this popular dish.

French fries are one of those rare foods that always taste great. A fantastic batch is worth scrambling on your hands and knees over broken glass for. But even a bad batch is still worth a little effort. Preferably without the broken glass.

But while all fast food chains pass the muster when it comes to this delicious side order, there are some that have raised the bar. Everyone has their own favorite, but these are Secret Menus 5 Top Fast Food French Fries to get your tastebuds tingling in anticipation of National French Fries Day.

5. McDonalds

McDonalds is the biggest burger chain in the world for a reason, and their fries play a huge role in that. These are crisp and perfect. They are not as salty as they used to be, but if you want them done the way they used to do them, just request some extra salt packets and tip them in. Your doctor won’t thank you, but your tastebuds will.

4. Sonic

Another nostalgic fast food chain, Sonic have been serving up delicious and cheap American fare for decades. Their fries are legendary, and considered the best by many of their customers.

3. Five Guys

Five Guys like to do things differently, and their fries are no different. They fry these in super-hot peanut oil, creating a nuttier French fry. All of their fries are cut fresh, and this tends to make them a little soggier. But still, they deserve to make this list.

2. In-N-Out Burger

We love In-N-Out Burger. Not only is the In-N-Out Burger secret menu huge, but their standard menu is also pretty impressive. Their fries are cut and cooked fresh. But they are blanched first, which seems to help the process. If you have’t tried the famous In-N-Out Burger fries, then you’re missing out. If this list was only about potato fries, then they would be top. But…it’s not, because there is something better out there.

1. Smashburger

This up-and-coming brand began as recently as 2007, but has been growing at a tremendous rate since then. Their burgers and the extensive Smashburger menu plays a big role in that. But their fries also play a part. As mentioned on the Smashburger secret menu, you can order a side of Sweet Potato Smashfries to go with your burger. And if you do, believe us, you wont regret it. These fries are crisp, salty, sweet; they are everything that a French fry should be and everything it shouldn’t be. And they are oh-so good.

If you’re anything like us, you will now be contemplating ordering fries from every one of these five chains. And if you wait for our National French Fries Day deals, you might just save yourself some cash.

5 Facts About French Fries

If that Top 5 list doesn’t get your tastebuds tingling for National French Fries Day, then maybe these five fun facts will.

1. Fiber-full: Although French fries are not exactly considered to be a health food, they still benefit from all the goodness of the potato. And because potatoes are full of fibre, potassium and other vitamins, you’ll find a lot of goodness in those fries. Of course, with all that saturated fat from the oil, it’s not exactly health food.

2. Potato Skins: Although the skins are often discarded, they are one of the healthiest parts of the potato. So, deep fried potato skins, and fries that include the skin, could be considerably healthier than fries cooked with peeled potatoes.

Sweet Potato Smashfries

The famous Sweet Potato Smashfries from Smashburger.

3. Mighty Mac: Around 7 out of every 100 potatoes grown in the US ends up in McDonalds fries. This proves, if proof was needed, just how much of a monopoly this brand has.

4. Big in Belgium: While Americans consume more fries than any other country in the world, in the “per-capita” stakes, they lag behind Belgium.

5. Adoration: The Belgians really are big on fries. Not only did they claim to invent them and not only do they eat more than anyone else, but they even have a museum dedicated to the snack, located in the city of Bruges.